Winter Camping Tent vs Hammock

Winter Camping Tent vs Hammock: which one is for you?

The comparison between winter camping tent vs hammock is a common issue among campers. In general, both are popular these days. The beginner will like to use the tent first. But for those who like to minimize the accessories and give up carrying troubles, then using a hammock would be the best. 

Winter Camping Tent vs Hammock: Pros and Cons

The process of hanging any hammock and setting up a tent during camping

If you like to set up a tent in a campground, then you obviously need more effort. On the other hand, hanging a hammock is an easy job to do. If you think about the amount of time, Setting up a hammock needs a little amount of time once you find the right place. It is difficult to find the energy to make a tent after a long hike.

In reality, every system has some advantages and disadvantages. Think of a place where there is no way you can set up a tent as we know that it is difficult to pinch a tent anchor into a muddy place but it is near a water source. You can hang a hammock with only 2 trees.

Hammocks are the best where you need to be picky about the campsite. Think you have a campsite, but there is no stronger place to hold the hammock. On the other hand, there are many trees but not properly spaced, then it won’t work.

Therefore, they are useful for different situations. Hammocks are pretty easy to hang if you have two poles or trees.

Comfortability issues with hammocks and tents

Getting into and out of a hammock is an easy task to do compared to a tent. In the case of hammocks, they are comfortable to have a sound sleep at night and read your favorite novel at noon.

You need to carry a sleeping cot, pad or air mattress with tent camping. It means that you are going to carry a couple of other things to fulfill the package of a tent.

On the other side, slide into your hammock and have great comfort. This is applicable for hot weather. Have a hammock quilt or a sleeping bag during winter. Rain protection is needed when it rains.

It is easier to camp in any season if you have rain tarps or a waterproof hammock. We can still get wet into the tent if proper water proofing is not maintained.

Sleeping quality in hammock and tent

Adventure lovers like to have fun and that may not bring comfort all the time. There needs to be some physical fitness and mental strength to do any challenging job. People with back pain and arthritis. They will need a hard surface to sleep on. Swinging on a hammock might create anxiety to those who have fear of falling.

On the other hand, swinging on a hammock is enjoyable for younger people. Besides, living in the tend is kind of secure, at least from the bugs. So now we can see that there are two sides to everything.

In the case of reading a book, lying down on a hammock is the best way to relax compared to lying in a tent. You can have comfort if you put a sleeping pad on the ground. In case of sudden rain, there’s a possibility that you end up wet.

The situation can be overcome with the help of a waterproof tent. The hammock would be the best for you, if you want to have a camp during Summer and want to have the fullest type of enjoyment. 

The weigh issues related with tent and hammock

We know that the weight of the tent is much heavier than a simple hammock. The weight of the tent varies from 1.6 lb to 2 lbs. For the case of hammock, The weight range differs from 1.4 lbs to 1.8 lbs. You can see that, that’s a close calculation.

In the case of comparison between a canvas tent and a hammock, you will certainly find an amazing difference. They are very light in weight and easy to carry on. For the same weight, the hammock is easy to carry for its compact design. 

Warmth comparison between hammock and tent

Think about colder days of winter. You need to calculate the facilities between hammock and tent. Compared to hammocks, tents are used to be warmer and the insulation system is right. If you want to enjoy nature, then a hammock is the one to choose.

This will take you close and expose you to mother nature. Along with sudden strong wind or storms, the tent will give you extra protection against cold weather.

You can use a quilt for camping with a hammock for warmth but in the tent, you can use quilts, sleeping pads, sleeping bags and all other sleeping gear. 

Difficulty of cleaning and maintaining a tent rather than a hammock

You can easily clean a hammock. There is less curve and other stuff joined with it. In the case of a tent, there are so many different things to be cleaned of. The situation gets worse in case of heavy rain. All the rainfly, pipes, and groundsheets get dirty.

After that, you need so much to do with the cleaning. The procedure of cleaning a hammock is easy. We know that a groundsheet usually stays on the ground which is an important part of a tent. You can easily avoid it if you choose a hammock.

Hammocks are easy to clean and maintain. I have written another article on how to properly wash your hammock if you want to read about it in detail.

The expense difference between tent camping vs hammock camping

In case of planning a good camping trip, money is one of the main issues compared to the others. If all goes well under the budget, then you will go all the way in the winning position.

In the case of buying a hammock, it is cheaper than a tent package. Not only the tent but the hammock also needs some extra gears like tarps, meshes and covers. If you want to buy a new hammock or tent, then do some calculations beforehand.

A hammock with all it’s gears will cost up to $50 to $110 but a good quality one person tent will cost about from $100 to $250 or maybe more than that. If you are considering longevity, then spend some more to have brand products.

A good package comes with all the accessories it needs. You don’t have to buy them again individually. This will save some money. Safety to sleep on a hammock

In the case of using a hammock, we need safety. So that we don’t fall from it. It needs more time to move from tent user to hammock user. Falling from a hammock may cause some serious consequences.

You may break your bones accidentally if proper cautions are not taken. Once you make yourself used to sleeping in a tent, you will love to stay there and leave the tent. Hammocks are built in such a way that they are coming nowadays with so many safety features.

We know that security first. Take all the required safety precautions and then go for it using a hammock. Check all the safety features before jumping up on a hammock. You may get injured with a loosely fitted hammock. 

Try to buy good quality gear to save you from any kinds of danger that may occur. To get rid of bugs and smaller animals, tie the hammock a little bit higher. Some of the hammocks come with tarp and mesh. Set them up according to what the instruction says. 

Final Thought

To the end, we can say that you can try both of them and feel the difference of your own. Then you will have your own idea about the better one. In that case, choose the good one to stay away from any kind of hassles.

I have thoughts that can help you in buying the stuff. We don’t buy those on a regular basis. A tent will protect you better in the wild but it will give you a barrier from a good look around. A hammock will take you very close to your nature. 

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