What to Eat When Camping Without Fire

What to Eat When Camping Without Fire

It takes a lot of time to cook while camping as this is not an usual place for cooking. Arranging accessories and making fire for a long time is not a piece of cake for many people. In that case we can arrange a non-cooking camping fun. 

Preparation for the Camp Kitchen

If you have decided to have non-cooking camping, then proper planning will save your time, money and energy. After making a list you need to buy some stuff that is necessary for the whole trip.

You need to decide first how long you are going to stay over there. People usually travel with friends or family or both. This will help you to decide how much food you need. Place and season is also important to choosing food.

As a part of the preparation, get collapsible silicone cups and dishes. They are flexible and take a lot of less space in your backpack. They are also easy to clean. Use larger storage bags for carrying purposes. Reusable and biodegradable bags are preferable.

Label them by the name of meals and the date if possible. Fill up the mason jars with food. The jars are easy to fill up quickly. Breakfast can be kept over there. 

The Breakfast in the Morning

We may reach the campsite at different times but we will begin the description of food from the breakfast. If you are a good hiker, then having a proper breakfast is a must thing to do.

Having the right food will make you feel full for a long time. People like to have proteins like yogurt, egg, milk; complex carbohydrates like beans, oats and so on according to their own choices. They are not heavy and make you strong to hike for a long time. 

  • Bean toast bites: In some cultures, people put cold beans on toast. Baked beans are available in the market in canned condition. Crusty french bread tastes good if taken with a good quality of cooked beans. This will give carbohydrates with protein to give a good amount of energy. 
  • Yogurt parfaits: Yogurt is available in both plain and flavoured condition. You can have a layer of fresh fruit, chia seeds, nuts with it. This will give you a quick and heavy meal that gives both energy and refreshment. 
  • Sandwich with boiled egg: Sandwith with a fried egg would be excellent to have. Some people also like boiled eggs to have with sandwiches. After that have a croissant & fill with premade sliced hard boiled eggs that is with sliced cheese & ham. Different options are also available. 
  • Granola with milk: People who are fond of milk can have them in boxes. They can be stored in both cold and hot conditions. This is a good choice for the lack of cold storage facilities. 
  • Overnight oatmeal: If you are fond of oatmeal in the morning, then get a mason jar and pour it with home cooked oat. This is delicious and good for health to give extra energy. 
  • Bread with jam: Some people like simple food for breakfast. In that case you can just have commercially cooked bread along with just a layer of jam or condensed milk.

The Lunch at Noon

After the whole time of morning hiking you need a break for the next adventure. Some of them like to fish in the morning. You can have a single or a couple of items together to regain your energy level. Just have a nice shower and take the important meal of the day. 

  • Sandwiches combined with bacon, lettuce: Compared to other meat, bacon can be eaten without hot conditions. This will taste good if eaten with salad along with lettuce. Make sure that the bacon is still fresh enough to eat. 
  • Jerky: You can have it in dry condition. Easily available in the market. You can also make it of your own at home and store it in a safe place far away from germs.  
  • Sandwiches with peanut butter or honey or jelly: There are different ways to make such sandwiches. People like it in different ways in different regions. Just keep in mind that you are taking good care of it as the honey might spread all over the place. 
  • Stacked crackers: First of all, get crackers. Then add salami in sliced condition, cheese in favourable condition of peanut butter with cream. This is quick and favorable.  
  • Hummus & Veggie Sticks: Hummus would be favorable for some people who like to have semi liquid food. There are many ingredients that you can have with hummus. They differ in taste, flavor, density and appearance. So, pickup or make it on your own at home. 
  • Peanut butter sandwiches with apple: This is another option to have during camping if there are no cooking facilities. The item can be eaten as the main food or after lunch as a treat or as a snack. The sandwich can be dressed up with peanut butter and chocolate chips. Put some apple slices on the tip of the sandwich to increase the taste and have a crispy feeling. 
  • Granola trail mix or nutty berry trail mix: It is a mixed recipe. Have this for fun or as a full lunch whatever you like. You also can have this before or after lunch as a snack.
  • Chicken, tuna or egg Salad Sandwiches: The combination of mayo with tuna or chicken is a good source of protein to have. But make sure that you have them as early as possible before it gets bad. Salad will give an extra taste to have a good appetite. 
  • Fresh Fruit Salad: If you like to have natural food, then consider eating fresh fruits or making salad. This helps to stay hydrated for a long time. People who work hard may need some other food to keep on going. 
  • Sandwich Wrapped with other ingredients like hummus: Instead of hummus you can also put a layer of tortilla with lettuce over the top. Slice some cucumbers to make it more decorative. 

The Dinner at Night

Try to have dinner as early as possible. It is not good to ruin the food for a long time. 

Have some easily digestible food that will give you a sound sleep at night. You can have canned foods or salads in a bag or rotisserie chicken. This will look good beside pasta or veggie salads. You can think of different items too. 

  • Canned bean salad & cold hot dogs: We know that hot dogs are cooked earlier so that we can eat them cold or hot. People who don’t like cold food can have different recipes. Sick people or those who are pregnant should avoid cold food for precautions. 
  • Sesame with almond slaw: You can give this slaw recipe with a cold rotisserie chicken for having a cool and tasty meal before going to bed.
  • Chicken bowls: Combined thes to have an excellent meal: chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, Canned beans, cucumbers, shredded cheese, cabbage, dressing of your own choice like Italian, ranch or honey mustard.
  • Charcuterie board: It’s a stylish dish that has meat board and cheese. You can pre slice the meats & cheese before arrival. This is a convenient way to do it. You can also stick a knife over the board & let all cut their own pieces according to their needs. Take a box of delicious crackers. Make them cheesy & crispy.
  • Taco bowls: We can have taco with or without meat. Process the meat earlier if you have decided to have meat with taco. Add canned beans with it to make it a healthier food. Put a layer of salad and let others have the other ingredients like chopped tomatoes, salsa, guacamole, corn chips, beans, shredded cheese, olives and so on according to their own choices. Arrange them in such a way that they look decorated. You can also top the salad off with the help of dressings like olive oil, squeeze of lime or taco seasoning to have a creamy topping.
  • Southwest shredded pork salad: With shredded meat, add salad and chips. That’s it. You have a simple dinner within a short time. 
  • Caprese salad kebabs & rotisserie chicken: Some people don’t like pork at all. They can have chicken. Make chicken kebab and have them with salad. Only eating kebab won’t feel tasty and heavy spices of kebab could make a gassy stomach for some people. 
  • Antipasto salad platter: It’s one kind of dry dish. You can add so many ingredients in it like canned artichoke hearts, kidney or garbanzo beans, quartered mushrooms, Italian cold cuts,  sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers,  sliced red onion with different kinds of dressings. It can be served with french bread. 
  • Six layer of salad: With sandwiches you can add chopped ham to make a delicious and tasty food to have at night before going to sleep. 
  • Potato & ham salad Sandwiches: Sandwich can be prepared with just ham and potato in it. First, slice them off and then put those into your favourite sandwich.

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