What can I use instead of an air mattress

What Can I Use Instead of an Air Mattress?

Among most of the usable mattresses, air mattresses are the most used ones in camping. People use it as they are comfortable, cheap and portable. But still they have some drawbacks.

In that case, people are looking for alternatives. Sleeping in some other place may seem strange but after using it for a long time, you will get used to it. 

In the case of backpacking, an air mattress is not the only solution. For the lack of air pump, the bet might be useless.

Camping Air Mattress Alternative

There are many things to do and use instead of air mattress. Let’s see below.


Hammock camping is enthusiastic as they could be tied between two trees and that will give a floating-like experience. You need to sleep outside and this is a thrill for many people.

The hammock must be suspended above the ground and there should be nothing sticking on the back in the middle of the night.

The parachute fabric is packable & lightweight than air mattresses. Hammocks are good for use in hot weather to keep cool in the Summer months.

They are water resistant & some are fully enclosed. During cold weather it is worth it to use a hammock, just need extra insulation.

Sleeping bag

A good sleeping bag will give sufficient insulation in cold weather and thicker ones for added comfort. For extra cushioning, leaf litter & pine needles will provide a mattress that you are not required to pack in and out.

People sleep with a sleeping bag that lets them feel closer to nature. It is good for their back. This will save time, space and money.

Camping cots

They are one of the best alternatives to air mattresses. Variety of forms are available in the market. But still there is a camping cot out there for your service. Make sure you fully understand your options. No leaking of air occurs from a camping cot.

If you end up with a hole in your cot, it will work too as they are sturdier than air beds. Cots are more durable than air beds and should last for a long time.

It offers a peaceful night’s rest. If you want to get as close to a real bed as possible it is an option that you should consider. 

Self-inflating sleeping pads

Self inflating sleeping pads have a lot to offer. They are a cross between a foam mat. Among them, some are specially designed for backpacking, others are made for car camping and that is why they do not need to fold as small.

They are space saving and light in weight. Roll them up to push the air out when you’re finished. 

Foam sleeping pads

They are space efficient than futons & air mattresses and thickness from less than an inch up to several inches. Usual sleeping mats are made of dense foam that are filled with closed air cells & stored rolled up.

Sleeping pads are lightweight and that means they will not hamper hiking. It can be stored outside the pack without fear of damage and can not be punctured like inflatable mattresses. 

Futon mattress

It’s setup time is minimum, just lay down the futon on a flat surface & you’re ready. And fold it up & store it.

Futon is a good choice for car camping, comfy & can turn the back of the car. They are not very space efficient.

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