10 Best Family Camping Tents with 2 Doors (Reviews)

Camping is fun. But when you thinking camping with family, you have to think a little differently. Because there can be camping kids, toddlers, girls, ladies or senior persons. A family camping tent with 2 doors can solve a lot of your problems.

You can have so many tents in the market. Therefore, it is difficult to find out which one tent you are going to have. For a family person, the spouse and children come first. Think before buying about the requirements that need to be considered.

After so much consideration we find out few family camping tents with two doors that are suitable for delightful family camping. 

What is a Two Door Tent?

Tents with two doors are specially made to get in and out in two ways. They are made in such a way that water can not get into them. Sometimes people use rain to fly over the doors.

Zippers are used to open or close the door. They are available in different shapes. Some open up and down and some of them open sideways. For having two doors, the weight of the tent is heavier than single ones.

In general they will give you more space than others. Two doors are good for privacy for different persons. Two doors mean more air during hot days. They are good to look at.

The Best tent with 2 doors

1. Gazelle Family 4 Person Tent with 2 Doors

  • Suitable for backyard, camping and picnicking.
  • The water-resistant roof,  sturdy frame helps in many ways.
  • Portable hub tent mechanism is applied here.
  • Sun Protection Factor is 50+ that protects you on summer days.
  • Sufficient room for 4 people effectively.
  • The measurement is 78 inches tall and 61 square feet floor capacity for easy movement. 
  • It gives good protection from the rain.
  • The tent comes with lightweight poles and tight-weave mesh fabric that can be carried easily.
  • This is a pop up camping tent that we can set up in 90 seconds with hub design.
  • It has 12 ground stakes, tie-down ropes, detachable floor, collapsible tent, assembly instructions, detachable overhead gear loft and detachable rain fly.

2. Hyke & Byke Lightweight Two Door Camping Tent

  • Suitable for 1 and 2 Person
  • Lifetime warranty is ensured for any kind of manufacturing defect. 
  • Lining is completed with nylon mesh.
  • Zipper is used here for its closure. 
  • Proper accessories are attached to make as much light as possible.
  • Aluminium alloy makes the frame lighter and long lasting. 
  • Perfect for 3 season backpacking trips with friends and family.
  • Setup is easy and better breath-ability ensures for sick people.
  • 1 Clip-pole attachment provides lighter weight. 
  • Mesh detachable ceiling loft pocket and footprint are included here.
  • Taped floor, rainfly, bathtub floor keeps rain water out. 
  •  Included carrying sack for easy carrying on camping, hiking, backpacking and bikepacking trips.

3. Bessport 3-4 Seasons Hiking Tent with Two Doors

  • Two vestibules for accommodating up to 2 people comfortably and effectively.
  • With two D-Shaped doors, it weighs 2.35kg.
  • With floor dimensions of 220x123cm and interior height of 110.5cm, it works fine.
  • The Construction makes an amazing barrier against rain and prevents leakage from any direction. 
  • Fully covered rainfly gives extra protection against wind and rain.
  • Welded floor below protects you from moist grounds.
  • Made with aluminum alloy stakes and reflective guyline for wind resistance completely.
  • 2 poles with attachment for lighter weight are ensured.
  • Stands freely and can be relocated without having to disassemble.
  • Free replacement guarantee if there is any problem.
  • No-see mesh walls are included like other manufacturer’s products. 
  • A free-standing ultralight set-up for your comfort. 

4. Moon Lence 2 Big Doors Instant Tent for Family

  •  The tent provides sufficient space for 3-4 adults comfortably.
  • The tent can fight against strong wind which means you are having more Security.
  • Gives proper resistance against water for its 190T PU material.
  • All-around protection and stability are ensured by 10 lightweight Alloy Pegs and 4 Guy Ropes.
  • Our tent is also equipped with a top waterproof cover, which prevents moisture from appearing inside the tent while ventilating.
  • Extra mesh window on the top to provide much proper ventilation. 
  • 2 big doors with double zippers & 2 mesh windows on both sides.
  • With all this, it weighs only 4.5kg
  • It comes with the dimensions of 300*220*120cm
  • The tent opens automatically in a few seconds just by unstrapping and throwing it into the air. 

5. Bessport 2 Doors Large Tent Anti-UV for Family

  • This backpacked tent is large enough with 2 D-Shaped doors and 2 vestibules for accommodating up to 2-3Adult.
  • Total weight is only 2.5kg. 
  •  Interior dimensions are 228x135x120cm.
  • Aluminum pole and clip structure help to make the tent very easy to set up in any weather. 
  • Pretty much welded smooth both way large zippers will never be stuck and convenient to get in and out of the tent with comfort.
  • The waterproof index is over 5000mm and that makes it a good choice in difficult weather. 
  • Totally taped seams ensure the water of rain stays outside but dry inside.
  • 4 guylines make it more stable in the stormy weather.
  • Stronger frame with redesigned 8.5mm aluminum pole gives more wind-responsive.
  • The mesh window with two ceiling vents on the upside gives airflow for preventing condensation buildup.
  • It has two doors with a zipper for allowing airflow through the tent.
  • The high-density mesh skylight is included so that you can have the beauty of nature.

6. Hyke & Byke Ultralight Dome Camping Tent

  • Fitting for 1 and 2 Person
  • No-see-um mesh walls for lightweight. 
  • It comes with 12 7000 Series aluminum alloy stakes and a proprietary stake presser.
  • Accommodates a free-standing ultralight set-up. 
  • The tent packs down tiny and includes a carrying sack so that you can carry it easily on camping trips.
  • Two vestibule designs with two doors for sufficient gear storage & easy access.
  • Taped floor seams, rainfly, bathtub floor helps to keep the rain out in stormy weather.
  • Mesh detachable ceiling loft pocket and footprint are included here with the package. 
  • The package is perfect for 3 season backpacking and camping hiking.
  • Better breathability and easier setup.
  • For the lighter weight, 2 poles with Clip-pole are included.
  • The tent is proved on many epic adventures around the world 
  • Customer care is user-friendly.

7. BISINNA Outdoor Tents for Family Camping

  • Best for 2-4 person
  • Inner tent is made with Polyester, rainfly is made by Polyester Taffeta
  • Polyester guarantees water resistance nicely. 
  •  Tent poles, that are made with lightweight aluminum and that can support heavy wind and rain. 
  • Backpacking tent is good enough to manage up to two people.
  • The double layers are good for three Seasons & preferred use for Car Camping, Hiking, Kayaking, Backpacking or Fishing.
  • 2 D-shaped doors with dual zippers and Large sections of mesh provide better ventilation. 
  • With 8 light Alloy Pegs & 2 Wind ropes, the tent has a high resistance to wind.
  • The tent should be very easy to erect and take down. 
  • 2 Aluminum poles designed for lightweight hiking tent’s fast pitching.
  • The person who used this tent can set it up in less than 10 minutes.
  • Packed size measures 16.9”x5.9”x5.9” that can be easily put in one’s backpack.
  • The manufacturer offers lifetime warranty for a risk-free purchase.

8. AYAMAYA Tents for Family Camping with 2 Doors

  • 2 to 3 people with lots of luggage or 3-4 adults in sleeping bags can easily be adjusted here. 
  • The tent has a hydraulic pump. You can lift up the top and it will automatically install the tents within 3 seconds. 
  • You can take it down in less than 2 minutes. It will make you free from heavy labors.
  • This camping tent has two outer fly sheets and an inner tent.
  • On rainy days, the outer and inner tent together is used as a camping tent. 
  • The inner tent can be loosed and by using the 3 shock-corded fiberglass poles for use as a tent alone.
  • You can use the outer tent as a rain fly.
  • A special D-shape door on both sides for entering and excitement.
  • Both sides have a porch that can be used for putting camping gears.
  • The tents are made of groundsheet and polyester fabric.
  • To prevent leaking water, sealed seams are kept inside the connection area. 
  • A rainfly on the top prevents water from gathering inside.
  • Weight 11.6lbs for easy carrying purposes.

9. HUI LINGYANG Family Tents for Camping, & Hiking

  • Instant pop-up tents with pre-assembled poles ensure quick setup.
  • 9.5 x 6.6 feet floor helps 4 people to sleep in a bag. Center height is 52″.
  • The outer fabric layer can be closed during cold nights or you can also roll up and fix by buckles.
  • Four mesh windows and two doors provide optimal airflow for cross ventilation by keeping the bugs out of the tent.
  • Waterproof fabric keeps the inside dry even during heavy rain.
  • Inside storage pockets and lantern hooks keep items neat and organized.
  • Front & back doors are added for easy in and out.
  • Suitable for backyard resting, outdoor recreational activities, hiking, casual camping and backpacking.

10. Hewolf Family Tent with Porch & Two Door

  • It can accommodate 3 adults or 2 adults with 2 children. 
  • The center height is 4ft 9inch that lets you move comfortably. 
  • The camping tent is equipped with a large carrying bag that is easy to take.
  • It features waterproof rating of PU3000 and has moisture-proof effect. 
  • The inner layer of the tent uses UV-resistant coating and silver-coated polyester fabric that can effectively block the harmful UV light. 
  • Just lift up the top of the tent after spreading 4 arms & it will automatically be installed in a few seconds.
  • Press short struts & apply force there to fold inwards and start packing.
  • Mesh on 5 sides & detachable roof design help you to enjoy the Sky.
  • Let air circulate in the inner tent at the time when you remove the inner mesh tent.
  • You can also use it as a beach canopy sun shelter.
  • The manufacturer offers a 24/7 customer care service & they’ll give you a solution in 12 hrs.

Benefits of Two Door Tent

Tents with two doors are made for different benefits. They are specially made that can resist rain air. For extra protection, rain fly can be used so that water can not penetrate into the tent. You can control the doors with the help of a zipper. You can choose the shape of them.

Some of them can be opened from side by side. Some of them you can open up and down. For carrying purposes, you need to check first whether you can carry them on your shoulder. Some manufacturers make very light two door tents though.

Two doors will give more storage as those tents are quite larger. The main benefit of having two doors is that both of the campers will have their own door in case they want to go outside to do their business at night without hampering their partner’s sleep.

During a hot day, two doors will give you some extra air to comfort you. Air will get into the tent with one side and go out with the other side. The decorations of such tents look attractive.

How to Find Best Family Camping Tent with 2 Doors

Total Number of Person

First of all, estimate how many people will be with you while camping. You might also consider an extra room for one more person, pets like cats or dogs, gear like cycle and kitchen stuff. Bear in mind that there is no scientific standard we have that defines each person’s tent dimensions completely.

Choose a model on the basis of the group’s size and whether or not you might need extra space for more friends, accessories or pets. Measure a close fit and consider upsizing the tent capacity by 1 person. 

In addition, consider how large people are, Whether they are claustrophobic or not, toss or turn at night, having a small child or a pet or sleeping better with more than average elbow room. 

How Many Seasons They Are Going to Cover

The most popular choice of tents is 3-season tents. They are very lightweight and designed for the changed conditions of spring, summer and fall. They are made with ample mesh panels for boosting airflow. The mesh panels help to keep out insects.

Completely pitched up with a rainfly. They are not a good choice for sudden storms, strong winds, or heavy snow. These will keep you dry during rain, shield you against bugs, and gives you privacy.

3+ season tents are made for extended 3-seasons. They are suitable for summer use but it also goes on in early spring, late fall while a little bit of snowing may occur. 1 or 2 more poles and fewer mesh panels are included compared to 3-season tents to give you warmth. Suitable for high-elevation destinations but they are not suitable for winter weather like 4-season tents.

4-season tents protect against  winds and snow loads. The main thing is to stand straight in front of unwelcomed weather particularly in winter or above mountains and treeline. 

The extra poles, strong fabrics and rounded dome designs stop snow storing. They have few mesh and rain flies that are close to ground to make us feel warm in cold weather.

Tent Style

In case of standing up at the time of changing clothes, buy a tent with a tall peak. Dome style tents give strength on a stormy night.

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