best places to Tent Camping in Louisiana

10 Best Places to Tent Camping in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana is a very beautiful place for camping. Especially it is very enjoyable tent camping in Louisiana. Just travel a few miles outside of the main towns and you will have many natural places for camping for a couple of days. This state has one national forest and 21 state parks and many areas for camping.

South Louisiana is called the sportsman’s paradise. So many opportunities for fishing, hunting, hiking etc. You can have a memorable camp trip over here. The coast of this state is full of salt marshes that extended to the Mississippi River. Different locations offer different aspects. They differ in location, beauty, facilities etc.

The largest swamp in the USA Atchafalaya river basin is here. So many varieties will attract you a lot. Today we are going to discuss a few of them.

1. Cajun palms RV resort

Cajun palms RV resort
Cajun palms RV resort

The Cajun palms RV is one of the best campsites in Louisiana. It is located on 14 miles north of I-10 in Henderson. This campsite offers many services that attract visitors. There are about 300 RV spots for using. The authority provides electricity, water, sewage etc. Campers can have 20 feet of space from other campers to have privacy.

Besides RV, they offer 65 cabins for visitors. In these 65 cabins, there are 20 of them that provide pond views. There are well-furnished cabins that provide a refrigerator, kitchen, microwave, charcoal grill and bathtub. There is a clubhouse that can afford 750 people together.

You can have a DJ stage, beverage facilities, gym, conference room and art theatre. Overall we have to say that you are having both natural and city facilities together.   

2. Tunica hills wildlife management area

Tunica hills wildlife management area
Tunica hills wildlife management area

Tunica Hills wildlife management area is located on the northeast side of the city of Francisville. It is made up of two areas. The total area is about six and a half thousand acres combined. The natural sight is filled up with bluffs, crisscrossed by rocky ravines.

A hardwood preserves about 20 rare species of plants. Birdwatching is possible here. There are rare aviary species that include the Coopers hawk and worm-eating warbler. There are a natural trail and three made-up hiking trails available to visit the whole area nicely. You can have biking and equestrian facilities also.

It is closer to the Tunica waterfalls and the Clark creek natural area. Natural beauty will attract beauty lovers. All the camping places have the facilities like a tent pad, fire ring, picnic table, grill equipment etc. A portable toilet with shower too.   

3. Bayou Segnette State Park

Bayou Segnette State Park
Bayou Segnette State Park

Bayou Segnette State Park is located in Westgo. The place is 30 minutes away from New Orleans. The park has a lot of amenities to offer that depend on your preference that will take you close to nature. The price starts from $25 per night. The premium package will cost more that allows you to experience a unique, hardy camper experience for full excitement.

The accommodation comes with water and electricity hookups for your comfort. If you aren’t able to afford the cost then you can have a cozy deluxe cabin at $150 minimum per night.  You can also choose the group camp option at $600 a night and can house up to 80 people together.

After deciding how you want to spend the night, you can now enjoy the fun activities on the fun ground. Boating, fishing in saltwater or freshwater and swimming in the wave pool facilities can also be chosen by you. You can just have a picnic while the kids play around at the playgrounds.

4. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground
Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground is one of the toppers camping in Louisiana. The serene camp-resort brings Jellystone Park, the fictitious national park from the beloved Hanna-Barbera cartoon and Yogi Bear brought to life. For family vacations, Jellystone Campground is one of the highest-rated destinations in Louisiana and there is a good reason for that.

The place is close to both New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The camp resort has 10 different cabins. There are good lodging options all over the place. In case of seasonal pricing and a wide variety of campsites for tents and RVs made the place very special.

Jellystone Campground offers everything from canoe and kayak rentals, mini-golf, fishing, and swimming pools if you’re looking for recreational activities. The resort holds a slew of weekly events and specials to enhance the vacation and ensure you and your family enjoy yourselves.

5. Lake Fausse pointe state park

Lake Fausse pointe state park
Lake Fausse pointe state park

Lake Fausse pointe state park is  located on the edge of the Atchafalaya River Basin Spillway. This camping area has many different types of sites to choose from for your enjoyment. 18 deluxe cabins are available for those who are not looking to rough-it.

In addition, the improved and premium campsites are not so bad either to pass the enjoyable time. You need not to worry as they both have the facilities of water and electrical hookups while giving visitors the peace and tranquility of sleeping in a tent. The canoe campsites are accessible by water only.

The primitive campsites have a maximum capacity of fifty people in total. This park is full of natural beauty to enjoy and history to learn. The place is full of wildlife and beauty that has camping, boating, hiking, and canoeing activities for days.

6. Chemin À Haut state park

Chemin À Haut state park
Chemin À Haut state park

The Chemin A Haut state park is located on a tall bluff overlooking Bayou Bartholomew. This camping area is well known as a ‘natural paradise’ with a lot of natural beauty. Taking its name from the French word that means ‘high road’. The region was used by the Native Americans about centuries ago for their seasonal migrations for avoiding flooded areas.

In the time of Summer, campers can enjoy besides the pool and children can play in either of two playgrounds. Three hiking trails are here for you. There are quarter-mile boy scout trails and one-mile boat trail also available. The Equestrian Trail is a whopping eight miles long.

Bayou Bartholomew offers pure tranquility as well as over 115 different species of fish. It is one of the most diverse streams in all of North America.

7. Lake Claiborne state park

Lake Claiborne state park
Lake Claiborne state park

The Lake Claiborne state park has all the amenities and activities to be provided by a campsite in Louisiana. All the facilities like boating, hiking, fishing, water skiing, birding are available here. There are trails that run through the woods.

Travelers who want to explore the whole area can use those trails for recreation.  Boats are available for rental purposes. People can use those boats to catch fishes like largemouth bass, bluegill sunfish, and more. The lake is known for its pristine water quality which is crystal clear.

In the designated swimming area, people can swim during the hot days of summer. No boats or fishermen are allowed in the swimming area. Golf can also be played here. For experiencing the best, deluxe cabins are available for rental.

8. Chicot State Park

Chicot State Park
Chicot State Park

Chicot State Park is a stunning wildlife reserve in central Louisiana. The total area is 6400 acres of rolling hills that are surrounded by 8 square kilometers of an artificial lake. Louisiana State Park is a prime anglers camping spot that is stocked full of bluegill, crappie, red-ear sunfish, and bass.

Visitors will enjoy the boathouse and fishing dock, with three convenient boat launches. Mountain bikers love the place as the hills and valleys provide exciting challenges for them. There are many hiking trails that encircle Lake Chicot. Ville Platte, and the Louisiana State Arboretum are close to this area.

Wildlife and ecology are preserved here so that future generations might enjoy the same breathtaking natural scenery that is 600 acres area. There are nearly 200 tent and RV campsites, and several deluxe camping cabins are nicely made for visitors. You can explore the place by hiking or cycling.

9. Poverty Point Reservoir State Park

Poverty Point Reservoir State Park
Poverty Point Reservoir State Park

Poverty Point Reservoir State Park  is two hours northeast of Alexandria. It is a 2700 acre man-made lake near Bayou Macon. Poverty Point Reservoir State Park attracts campers, birdwatchers, anglers and adventurers for its wild, natural and rural area.

The northwest corner of Poverty Point lake is home to the North Marina complex, where there’s a swimming beach, boat launch, and fishing pier. While hiking in this state park, you might be lucky enough to see a Louisiana black bear. Keep an eye on all around and don’t go alone while hiking. Exotic birds are also available here. Never leave leftover food behind.

More than 50 tent campsites with and without hookups are available in this area. Campers can choose from cabin rentals or camping lodges. The south end of the park offers an additional 50 RV sites along with boat and canoe rental and jet skiing.

10. Grand Isle State Park

Grand Isle State Park
Grand Isle State Park

The eastern tip of Grand Isle, a barrier island connecting the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico is covered by Grand Isle State Park. The area is created by tidal action which forms huge sand dunes. It protects the lagoons, wetlands, and coastline from sea weather, allowing wildlife here.

Much of the island has been renovated and beach restoration is ongoing for the past hurricanes. This part of Louisiana is famous for its prime fishing spots that bring more than 280 species to make their home off the coast. Speckled trout can be caught in the surf and redfish in the colder seasons.

The inner channels of the Gulf of Mexico are excellent boat launching points for deep-sea expeditions. Grand Isle State Park is a prime destination for a fishing holiday all year around. Birdwatching is also a popular attraction to this Louisiana state park, as many rare species migrate through the area each year.


The environment of this state is very unique. A boat tour through the Cypress trees and Spanish moss canopies is definitely worth taking. Visitors can’t set their eyes on more natural areas as many people have no idea that outside the city of Alexandria, a big national forest supports rare wildlife that could be seen outside of the State.

The large swamp and habitats of the state have beautiful scenes and unique wildlife visiting attractions. Visitors who are fond of challenges can choose sights over here.

Keep in mind that you need to follow some rules and regulations in place that you should follow.

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