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Why is it important to plan a camping trip?

It’s a nice thing that you have chosen for camping. Now it’s time to plan for everything. Planning will make your journey more fun. It is very important to plan camping trip, so that you can have the best output from the whole journey without hassle.

Before doing that we need to gather some information regarding this trip. Actually, it might not be necessary if an experienced person is with you. But successful camping definitely required some proper planning.

Choose a camping place

The most important point of plan camping trip is choosing the camping place. It is wise to determine the accurate date for your camping. Consider your free time and the duration of the camping trip. Determining the dates will help you later in your planning properly.

You need different camping gear, reserve a campsite sooner. Some possible locations are based on weather for consideration.

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Weather should be suitable

Start camping during a time when the weather is the mildest if you are new to camping . These times will fall during the summer for many places. The weather is best at that time. This prevents you from taking extra gear to deal with the cold weather. Find a weekend that will work best for your family camping trip.

Tent camping planning

This type of camping is chosen by many people when they think of camping. You can sleep in a tent out in the woods or beside hills. If you are new for camping, this will be the type of camping for you. It’s like you are making a new home for yourself for a couple of days.

Choose RV camping

This is one kind of camping with a camping trailer or a full RV. It needs much money as it will need to purchase a trailer or RV or rent one for the duration of the whole trip. This is for those travelers who enjoy more of the comforts of home but still want to be out in nature.

Sleeping under the stars in nature

This camping is similar to tent camping except you don’t sleep in a tent but in an open air. Go for this type of camping if you are confident that you will have good weather and the temperature will be considerably comfortable. You should bring equipment to ensure you don’t get wet in the middle of the night after raining.

 Primitive natural camping

Primitive camping means finding an area for camping that isn’t decorated as a campground in general. This is away from any camping group and doesn’t provide the facilities that regular campgrounds serve. The equipment could be like bathrooms, tables, electrical hookups, campfire etc. Primitive camping needs more preparation because you need to plan for every aspect without relying on anyone else.

Choosing campground camping

The most popular type of camping is campground camping as it’s easy and allows families to go camping with a few conveniences. You don’t need to worry about  searching for a place that is good for camping or where to set up your tent or if it will be a suitable location for you.

Considering utilities

All places are not the same. Some places offer water and electricity. Dry campgrounds don’t offer any types of utilities. A campground with electrical hookups might be a good option if you are camping in a hot climate or humid. In that case you can bring a portable air conditioning unit with you.

Find a camping location that suits you

Finding the location for your camping trip is the basic thing to do. Look for new places to go and take your friends and family. Build a campground  out in the middle of nowhere if you are brave. They both offer different benefits but searching for a good location is different for each case.

Finding a suitable campground

To find a specific campground is easy if you are careful. Couple of ways you can try to find campgrounds near your area. Find easy ways to find good campgrounds from experienced campers.

Find your favorite place through website

There are many online websites that provide information like distance, nearby activities, natural features, things to know before you go, pictures, directions, weather forecasts etc. Google Maps helps you to find campgrounds. Google has cataloged important campgrounds around us. After you find a campground, you can Google that place to learn more about it.

Ask your friends for help

Finding good campgrounds through friends is another solution. If you ask around, you can find people who’ve visited multiple campgrounds and can give you recommendations. Moreover, you can ask for opinions of those who are on camping forms, in Facebook camping groups or travel agencies.

To find a non-campground location near you

Some people don’t want to stay in a campground. They prefer to find their own location in the wilderness. This is often referred to as primitive camping. Finding a good primitive camping location can be difficult if you’ve never been to the area before.

Evaluate your camping gear first

Plan a camping trip to evaluate your gear at first. Determine whether you have everything you need. Make a list of main items you will need. You have to make sure you have all the basics covered.

Create a checklist for the whole trip

Make time to create a camping checklist. Review the steps you’ve already gone through and start putting it into a list.

You can take help from some softwares like Word, Excel or just write it down by hand, or any other way that works for you. Take time to create this checklist before it’s time to pack. If you do this, you will have everything you need. Reuse it for your next camping trip.

This makes the process quicker and it is easy to add new items to your list. You can have a ready-made checklist on the internet.


So now you already know the importance to plan a camping trip. Try to make plans and checklist at least a day in advance to make sure you aren’t missing anything. An important aspect of planning a family camping trip is communicating with friends and family earlier.

Tell others where and when you will be going on your camping trip. This confirms that if anything happens to you while camping, there are others who know where you were going and the time frame of your whole trip. After having all these, start for the camping.

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