Ways to prevent condensation on air mattress

How to Prevent Condensation on Air Mattress

Maintaining your air mattress is a good habit of healthy living, especially getting rid of condensation. Condensation under your air mattress bed spells trouble. Try to avoid mould & dank smells with some easy tips to keep the moisture away.

Ways to Prevent Condensation on Air Mattress

Do Regular Check Ups On The Mattress

It’s important to check the condition of the mattress everyday on a regular basis. Clean them up before it gets nasty. Being moist is one of the symptoms that you need cleaning immediately.

Dryup process takes a lot of time and so you need to get ready for it from the beginning. Checking on a regular basis will not only get you rid of it from condensation but also from mold, insects and so on. 

Put An Absorbent Sheet Or Skin Under The Mattress

An absorbent layer is one of the most popular options. Have this if you have a hard base & don’t want to spend extra money over a slatted base. In case of a commercial sheet that is specially designed for this purpose.

Besides, you can use cotton flannel. You need more than one sheet if you want to try this method. It would be best to remove the sheet from under your mattress.

Add a fresh one that you got. Continue rotating them in the same manner to absorb the moisture without causing mildew and mould themselves.

Have The Whole Area Dry By The Help Of Cleaning Cloths

In general, a bed mattress that is made of plastic should be taken care of specially. 

They collect a little bit more condensation than those that are made of fabric type clothing & foam. The air mattress can easily be lifted & wiped up with some kind of clean & dry cloth.

Wipe it once a week or every day depending on the amount of humidity & moisture in the air. The water bed is difficult enough to handle. Users insert a cloth as much deep as possible & wipe the edges to dry up. The center of the water bed suffers a lot.

Install A Portable Dehumidifier

It’s a good way to be protected against high moisture from tents and mattresses. They are specifically designed for sucking water from the environment.

It causes condensation under the mattress & collects the water inside the tank. It is the only way to keep the mattress safe if you want to live in an area where the climate is especially high. 

What Should Be The Size Of The Dehumidifier?

It is difficult to say the actual size that you really need. It will depend on the size of the bedroom. If you like to use a dehumidifier machine for the tent then work with a small to medium dehumidifier.

Research & read some reviews to determine what dehumidifiers can match the volume.

Decorate For More Air Circulation Under The Mattress

The air can go a long way to keeping mildew & moisture in check. The mildew, mould & condensation that need hot & stagnating air to form.

It is easy to create a good airflow in the bedroom. There are several ways you can tickle the air to get the air moving.

Creating More Air Circulation And It’s Process

It’s a good way to get air moving in your tent without spending any money. You can have this by inviting the draft into your tent. When it’s design & locations of your tent don’t always allow for the draft, open some windows & there should be a little air movement.

Stay safe all the time. Keep all the windows and mesh closed if the area has any troubles. If there is no window, use a fan or a couple of fans. Don’t keep the fans running all day. A few hours every day would be enough.

Concentrate all the fans on the mattress. This provides much more airflow to keep the humidity in check. This helps a lot if you have switched on the ceiling fan for airflow in the tent.

You Need To Create An Air Gap Between The Floor And The Mattress

The general reason for humidification that is developing under the mattress is that all is too stuffy. A couple of beds are decorated straight on the floor.

In another case, it is a small space between the bed & the floor. Couples of mattresses develop moisture troubles where the mattress is the opposite base. It is not always adjustable for lifting a mattress to a solid base.

Process Of Creating An Air Gap

For a solid base, replace a solid base with a slatted base. If the mattress is on the floor, it is important to raise this over a base.


How do I stop my air mattress from sweating?

Wipe the mattress down, place an absorbent sheet in the mattress & the base. Do regular checks to be sure that the mattress is in good shape. Circulation of air is a potent tool. It also can be created to switch on a few fans. Or you can open windows in the bedroom. Humid volumes are also badly affected. If all fails, the best option is a dehumidifier. 

Why does my air mattress keep getting wet?

If you do not have sufficient insulation under the air beds, this always occurs. It’s floor absorbs the heat from your air bed and then moisture is condensed on the cold bed.

What should I put under my air mattress?

Place materials like foam & blankets. You can also have tarps under the air mattress when you’re camping. It will help with increased circulation. Or you can just protect the air mattress from dirt or damage.

How can I insulate my air mattress?

For protecting the mattress from the bottom, you can place a foam pad, a sleeping bag or a rug below it. Both placing an insulator under the air mattress is especially important at the time while camping since this can protect the air mattress.

Why Is My Air Bed Wet in the Morning?

It occurs if you don’t have enough insulation under the air beds. The ground of the tent base absorbs the heat under the air bed and after that the moisture will condense on the cold bed.

How To Insulate An Air Mattress?

For insulating the air mattress you need to put one layer of insulating material in you & the air mattress itself. There is some insulating stuff that is not harmful to human skin. Make sure the layer does not come off. 

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