How to Make Portable Changing Room

How to Make a Portable Changing Room

There is nothing worthwhile to do on your own, something you like. Making a portable changing room could be your new year’s revolution. Making is not that difficult once you know what you are doing and what would be the purpose of it. After using a comfortable one, your trip will be more relaxing and enjoyable. 

What is a portable changing room?

The portable changing room is a hiding place where people can change clothes in privacy. This is essential stuff to consider while traveling with a large group. After the vacation, it can be used for any fair, cloth shop or swimming pool changing room. You can buy it or make it on your own. 

Process To Build A Portable Changing Room

The basic tools can be found in your garage or store room. Just some stick-like materials. Large skins and sewing tools. If all instruments are nearby, it can be made within an hour. Otherwise main requirements can be bought from nearby super shops. 

Beginning assumptions

You must make a plan before building a portable changing room. There should be a purpose for making it. For portable purposes, this should be light in weight and easily foldable after use.

Otherwise, it will be a burden for you to maintain and handle a heavy or larger one. This should fit the height of a grown-up person easily. Some rooms could be made in such a way that it can be used by a young person. 

Making a sketch

First of all, you need to make some sketches and choose the best one that fits your purpose. You can take help from the internet. There are many pre-sketched models for your consideration. The portable changing room should be such that it can fit a tall grownup man. 

The volume of the room

The height should not be not less than six feet. And the width should be three square feet. This may seem a large volume but it could be used in future purposes for every shape of the person.

Only making is not enough, it should be folded with ease. The fabric should go every season and the frame must support all the weight of the fabric. 

Materials of construction

Metal frames are quite heavy. Consider synthetic piping that is hard and foldable. Some people like to have aluminum construction but that will cost a lot. The fabric should be such that it can protect against sunlight.

You can paint outside with UV protection paint. Sewing thread should be made of nylon or synthetic. Whatever the frame is, make sure the bases are strong enough to get into the soil easily. 

How to have all parts

Look at your store nearby to check whether they have all the accessories that you need. Larger chain shops can not miss all those elements. Make sure they are in the right shape for your portable changing room.

This will make your job easier. Cutting tools are also important. You should have a cutting saw or other stuff. If not, buy a good saw that can be used later.

A hacksaw is a useful tool that is useful later one. Get a bundle of heavy-duty thread to sew the fabric. The proper size of the needle will make your job easy. The pipe should be one diameter thick to give you a heavy-duty room. 

Amount of parts

Buy a sufficient amount of clothing to fit the whole thing. Check your drawing measurement to have the right amount. Get eight T-shaped fittings, eight corner pieces and six pieces of ten foot long one-inch PVC pipe. If you got some extra accessories, keep them for further use. 

Process of joining every piece

Cut the pipe into the same four pieces. Remember that the curtain will not cover all the way long. The last part will get into the ground. Anchoring will make the entire system get into the soil. Leave a couple of inches for that. After that join the pieces by rope or screw.

In the case of screws you need to make holes manually or drill machines. After making holes they can be tied up with each other. The lower part of the pipe should be narrowed to stick into the soil.

The frame should be strong enough to hold all the system. Perform all procedures according to your sketch. Join some additional bars across the sides to make it even stronger. Test each end into a fitting until it goes in and comes out smoothly. 

How to sew drapes

Sewing will make the room stronger than stapling. Attach the pieces of drapes and then sew them carefully with a needle. Make sure they are attached carefully so that there is no hole left behind. This will save you from rainwater. Protection from the sun is also important in case you need to stay into the portable changing room for a long time.

In addition, this will make the room last long. Leave some room for air to get into it so that the air can leave the system that went into it.

Otherwise, heavy wind will blow away the changing room. Sewing should be done in such a way that it leaves the drapes straight without any kind of bloating. This will look nice. There should be a door to get into it. Some people like to close the door with a chain. But it takes time to get in and out.

You can use a couple of velcros or thread like systems. Adding zebra ribbon and turquoise netting with rhinestones glued to them to make the changing room pop is also possible. Otherwise use clips for temporary purposes. 

Making it decorative

To make your custom made portable changing room add some decorative stuff to make it unique. Different types of coloring ribbons will make it luxurious. Use your own imagination to make it look perfect. Kids like colorful festive looks.

You can use color sprays and paint whatever you like. Pre-made stickers can also be stuck on the clothing. There should be some extensions to hang clothes. It is not wise to hang wet cloth on it as they are heavy and could bend the system. 

How to take care after use

If you want to use it later one, Fold it nicely. Clean up all the soil attached with the pipes. Wash it with cold water and dry under the sun. After folding, keep it in your vehicle in such a way that it does not go under any heavy stuff.

Otherwise, this will go bad after the journey. Keep it into your store room where it is safe. Try to check to get rid of mice or insects. They will damage the fabric. And check in earlier about the latest condition before your next journey. 


Making a customized portable changing room is not that hard. There are some tutorials available on the net to support you. IF you are lazy enough then buy a new one that is not that costly.

In that case, you will miss all the fun of making essential equipment. By making a new one you can encourage people to do their own work with their own hands.

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