How to Empty Portable Toilet While Camping

How to Empty a Portable Toilet While Camping

Portable toilet is a good thing to take with you so that you can keep the environment neat and clean. Some of the campsites don’t allow you to do your job in an open place. Give some trials about how to empty a portable toilet while camping.

Camping isn’t just hiking & sitting around the campfire & telling stories under the Sky. There are some tricky jobs to do. Cleaning the tent, drying clothes & disposing of human waste.

We need a few times a day to hear mother nature’s call to get rid of your waste. That’s why we learn how to get rid of our human garbage while camping.

What’s a Portable Toilet? 

They come in various shapes & sizes. Consider it’s storage capacity, weight & how to dispose of the waste. Three types of portable toilets are generally available in the market.

1. The chemical toilet

They are similar to a compost toilet. They have the same features as the compost toilets. Main difference is that chemical toilets contain chemicals for eliminating the smell. They are like porta-potty toilets. But they are not environmentally friendly & the waste collected needs.

2 . The compost toilet

They are similar to a standard toilet for having a flush. They are the best portable toilets. The pedestal stays on a higher position than a bucket toilet. They come along with a toilet seat. That means they offer a great deal with more comfort than a bucket toilet. There are toilet paper with some models.

3. The bucket toilet 

This is a basic type of portable toilet. Put a plastic bag inside like a garbage can. The bag collects all waste. You don’t have to deep clean every time you go to empty it. A separate detachable toilet seat you can purchase not to practice squats before your trip. It is simple to carry & set up.

How to Empty Portable Toilet

We can protect the natural spots we enjoy. And also out of respect to our fellow campers. Waste will decompose in time. It also contains harmful toxins for nature. Keeping it on the ground will be hazardous. Campers may step on it. Make sure to bury it under the soil. For a portable toilet, follow some steps as a responsible camper. 

  • Take the tank to disposal area

Take the tank over to the disposal area. take time to avoid any accident. The areas can differ in differences. Some have open grids that you pour the waste into & others are like a trash dispenser with a lid on. Remove the cap of your waste holding tank.

Hold it carefully, prepare it for emptying. Couples of waste tanks come with a rotating spout. It pours the waste away from hands & standing positions that minimize the risk of getting splashed. Have a further step back and not risk getting splashed. Pour the waste in the disposal tank until the waste has subsided. 

  • Wash the waste tank

Close disposal area. There is a tap or hose to clear out the tank. Refill your tank with clean water. keep the lid back on. Shake it a little to remove bits that have stuck. Empty water back into the disposal area. Keep repeating the process till the water starts to run clear. 

  • Look for the disposal sight

Campsites have an area where you can empty toilets & clean them. These are a small distance away from the campsite. Locate it when you need to use it. Save this until you’ve removed the  waste tank. Don’t take much time to search for where the disposal point is.

Work out a stable path between the authorized disposal area to avoid getting stuck while carrying waste. Empty your portable toilet in the morning. You shouldn’t have to queue up to empty & clean the portable toilet. 

  • Make the portable toilet for unloading

Portable toilets come with 2 tanks. A water tank & a waste tank. Opt for a 2 tanked toilet as these are the easiest to empty. Take off the catch that holds the water tank & holding tank together.

Dealing with hazardous substances, use disposable gloves to get away from collecting bacteria. They are lightweight as they are designed to be emptied. You may have to walk a far distance with them. Empty the tank on a more regular basis. 

  • Get back the tank

Leave a little bit of freshwater inside the tank & mix in the disinfectant toilet chemicals to be used again. Carry the waste holding tank back to the portable toilet. Replace it as it was before. Take it over to the tank to do so. Dispose of the gloves. Wash hands to ensure you haven’t picked up any harmful bacteria.

Emptying a Compost Toilet

They are different from chemical toilets. For emptying a chemical toilet into nature, the chemicals inside can be harmful. Compost toilets use chemicals like sawdust & ash to break down the harmful toxins that are found in human waste.

This is appropriate to be disposed of in nature. They have a biodegradable bag installed. Remove & tie the waste bag. It is OK to dispose of human waste in the general trash. If no bins are available, bury it. Bury it 10 inches deep. The bag is biodegradable. It dissolves quickly once buried.

These bags are biodegradable & made of thinner material. Don’t wait long before emptying. They could split if they are too heavy. They have a dry flush & there is no water tank.

Waste is split into 2 different sections: solid waste & liquid waste. The liquid section can be disposed of like the chemical toilets. You can also empty this out into the ground.

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