How many lumens is enough for camping

How Many Lumens Is Enough for Camping?

Lumen is a scientific term that is a measure of the total amount of visible light in some defined beam or angle or emitted from some source. The more value of lumen, the more light you get.

During camping, people use heating sources to make their tent hotter during summer season. There are different types of power sources to work these things out.

In earlier times, the most used heating fuel was gas. They are being replaced by batteries or electricity. Gas gives us more heat but they produce harmful chemicals for people.

On the other hand, electricity does not heat that much in case of portable heaters but the emission of harmful chemicals are less compared to the gas ones. 

How Many Lumens Do You Need for a Tent?

All kinds of camping lights emit heat alongside light. For different purposes, we need light during night at camping. Lamp comes in wattage but for light, we use a lumen unit. Different environments need different values of lighting. For general purposes, 100 to 400 lumens is sufficient for tenting purposes.

For a larger party in camping you may need from 1K to 3K lumens. Some high quality manufacturers produce such light that can be dimmed in case you need lower lumen. Common types of tent have about 65 square feet in shape on average and you can keep pace with such lights.

In real life we are tired from all day activities or hiking. We get into the tent and do some simple activities and go to sleep. Reading books is not often done in the tent at night. So, this amount of lighting is sufficient for common types of use.

We can say that a four person tent will keep pace with this kind of light. Increase the power or set up multiple lighting systems for the best use. Interior is a thing to be considered. A white tent will reflect more light compared to black one.

In that case a small watt of light will give more reflected light. It is advised to slow down the light when it is not in use or not much required. 

Is 400 Lumens Bright Enough for Camping?

It is common that a larger light will give us a huge amount of light. Whatever the power of the light is, we must need it. Lumen is used as a unit for emitting light. There are varieties in light sources. For a typical size of tent 400 lumens could be alright for usual purposes. 

For a larger tent many people get light with brightness more than thousand lumens. Get a light that has a dimmer switch on it to control the lumen. For common types of tent that is less than 100 square feet, the area will definitely be covered by 400 lumens.

A small family tent will be luminous within this range. In case of more than 8 persons tent, you can double or triple the amount for better visibility. If the lighting is a serious issue for you, then arrange the decorations of the tent so that the light can be reflected properly to give more lumens of light.

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