How Do You Wash Clothes When Camping

How Do You Wash Clothes When Camping?

During the busy days of camping we should not forget about cleaning our clothes. This will keep us free from any kinds of diseases and stay fresh. There are some special ways by which you can clean those with the minimum facilities. We get dirt a lot during hiking.

Besides, sweating causes odor and makes us feel disturbed. In order to get rid of troubles make sure that you have minimum clothes with you so that you can carry those easily in your backpack. 

How To Wash Clothes While Camping

Camping is a place where we go to mother nature where we get soil, mud, jungle studd that we do not get in the city.

They make our clothes dirty and sweat from all the hiking definitely needs some cleaning. For washing to make it easy we can be careful about many things to stay hygiene.  

Keeping used clothes

Keep the dirty clothes in a storage bag with holes. Any kind of large laundry bag will work. The odor could be worse if the bag is sealed with those used clothes. 

Using biodegradable soap

General soaps and detergents should not be used near ponds or lakes. Some scientists even say that even biodegradable soaps should not be used over there. 

Many tiny animals and plants live in the watery environment. If necessary, use a little of them. If you move washing locations that will affect larger areas. By washing in one area will minimize contamination elsewhere.

Right size of bags

Keep the camping clothes in a dry bag. The bag should be appropriate in size and shape where you can keep the clothes safe. If you have smaller bags, then have a couple of them. 

Washing procedure

Dirty clothes in the half way and the dry bag halfway with clean water. After adding water, the bag is propped. A little soap is needed. Your favorite camping biodegradable soap will work.

Keep the air inside & roll down for couples of times. Lay the dry bag on one side & shake it. Carry the dirty water away from streams or lakes. Wring clothes & hang to dry somewhere. Hang them to dry with a portable clothesline.

Drying with a towel

If you are not hanging them on a clothesline, dry them with a microfiber cloth towel. Just lay it on a towel and put clothing on the top and then roll it on the towel and squeeze. The microfiber towel will soak faster than a cotton t-shirt up.  

Washing with a ziploc bag

For a little amount of cloth, you can use something like a ziploc bag. This also saves money. Have a strip of duct tape around the seams of the bag. It is a similar process to the dry bag method. 

Washing Bucket with collapsible option

For a large amount of clothes, you can use a collapsible washing bucket. They will take a very little amount of space in your backpack. Specifically made for camping & a great way to soak dirty clothes as long as needed.

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