How do you shower while camping

How Do You Shower While Camping?

Showering is a part and parcel of our life. No one can go without it. This is why people take showers even during the cold season of the Winter or in the wilderness while camping. We definitely need a good shower although we have minimum facilities.

Campers can call the site office to make sure you are getting it. If you want, you can have your portable shower too. Showering is important for removing all kinds of dust and sweating. Without it you may catch skin diseases and stinky smells. 

How to take a shower when camping

Many of the campsites have camping bathrooms & showers. This is not always in the case. Natural water sources could be hampered if artificial soaps or shampoos are mixed with them.

The water deposits may not deliver us fresh water to use. Some eco-friendly ways will help you. after a long hike, bike ride, or during a long camping trip. You can use some easy steps to solve the problems.

Shower patch on the go

Shower facilities may not be available everywhere. But still taking good care of yourself is possible. Use shower pouch instead of soap. As soap needs much more water. But the pouch should be unscented. Some of them have extra large capacity and anti microbes formula.

This can mask the odor of the body. After using, keep it in a garbage bag. Otherwise use it after cleaning. Almost many of them are biodegradable. It will save your day in the windedness. 

Camping Showers with solar power

You can get portable shower arrangements that can be operated by solar panels. With this, you can even have a hot shower. Some of them have reflectors with them so that the heat of the Sun will heat up water to give you a hot shower. 

Camp shower with electric or gas power 

Heating up water in the solar system takes a lot of time. In this case, you can have a gas or electric driven heater. Gas driven devices make noise. If you want you can use a battery for this. Rooftop tents have sufficient advantages of making a geyser type experience.

Some sites have showers & bathrooms but others are located beside camps. It will allow to shower.

How to take a hot shower while camping

It is a great feeling and relief after having a hot shower after all the busy day. You can even have a fresh and hot shower at the beginning of the morning.

Gas driven shower

Use a portable water shower. Different types of hot water systems are available in the market. Choose that suits you. Some of them use gas driven systems. But they make a lot of noise and the Exhaust gas is bad for nature. In addition, a cylinder is a heavier stuff to carry with. It will give you hot water quickly and you can control the temperature of it. 

Hot water with solar shower

If you want to avoid gaseous substances then consider electric supplies. Shower bags with solar panels could be a good alternative. This works well and is a cheaper solution. They are bags with shower heads. With the supply of sufficient water you can totally work with this.

During a sunny day, you just need sunlight to heat them. It might need about a couple of hours to get the job done. Hang the solar shower bag to a tree or any higher place. 

Portable electric showers

They come with different temperature modes. Start them up with portable generators if there are no electrical facilities. Batteries might not go that much further. They do not require solar panel stuff. 

Alternatives to Showering While Camping

Besides usual showering systems there are some alternatives that we can try. 

  • Some well designed campgrounds have showering facilities besides their site office. Arrange your tent beside the camping site to get that advantage.
  • Use the water bottle shower when you don’t have many other options. Buy a new one or make it of your own.
  • The water jug shower is less in volume compared to the water bottle shower.  It can be used as a one-time thing to feel a lot more refreshed.
  • Some recreation centers provide shower rooms. You can use them temporarily. 
  • Baby wipes are good unless they are unscented and chemical free. 
  • The bucket with a rag. Heat up water & put it into your bucket as you are not having cold water.
  • Gravity fed bag shower is a good solution if you go camping & want to not worry about electronics. 
  • Choose a place with a waterfall to give you natural water for the shower. 
  • Hot Springs are natural springs that are ready for you to dip the body in.
  • Lakes are a source of beauty and have a good shower with swimming exercises. Make sure you are not using artificial chemical soap or shampoo. 
  • Cleaning is easy and could present a challenge. It is a good option for staying neat while camping if you are used to cold water.
  • Boat marinas are the place where you can have nice and clean showers. 
  • Manage a visitors center to get into their shower facilities. 
  • Going to hike beside a good beach will give you a nice shower and view at the same time. 
  • Swimming pools will allow you to swim all the way but some people are allergic to Chlorine.
  • Some gyms have built in shower with them. You can workout and shower at the same place. 

To summarize, choose what would be appropriate for you so that you can have fun while camping.

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