How Do You Heat a Tent With Candle

How Do You Heat a Tent With Candles?

During the season of Winter, we need something to warm the tent up so that we can keep pace with it. Among so many options, heating a tent with candles is one of them. Heat tent with candle is an easy and cheap cost option.

Multiple candles are good enough to get the job done. You just need to take some precautions to get rid of any kind of danger. 

How To Heat A Tent With A Candle

Under your observation, light candles and enjoy Winter days in the tent and make the camping enjoyable. Renowned two categories are described here for happy camping. 

A Candle Lantern

Once upon a time those were the only options for us. They removed darkness and produced heat for good. In ancient times firing woods was the source of these. But obviously firing was done outside. We totally depended on nature. People wanted an easy solution to keep the inside temperature up. 

In the modern way, we are now using an Aluminium candle lantern that is called UCO. They emit moderate light and a good amount of heat. With the good quality of such candles, you can stay worry free and have happy camping.

You can deal with multiple of them as they are lighter for backpacking. Wax, beeswax and citronella candles are three kinds of systems to work with. 

Advantages of Candle Lantern

It will give us about 5000 BTU of heat. With such heat you can even make a cup of tea or heat some a little amount of cooked food. The decorative look of them will make you feel better and you can think as if you are at home.

The UCO wax candles are very cheap compared to others. Just buy the right shape of the candle so that it can be fitted well. With a candle burning you can go with it for about nine hours. That means you need not to worry about running out of candles in the middle of the night. 

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DIY Candle Heater

After candle lanterns, you can consider DIY candle heaters. The system is so simple that you can make your own. Make it as large as you can. If you need more heat, then have a larger one. 

Just get some clay and heating equipment. Built in flower pot will also do. Just ignore the hole below. You need a bigger pot that the small one can fit inside.

The pot can be made of copper, ceramic or glass container that holds the candles but does not burn down. 4 to 6 tea light candles will be enough for this purpose. 

Procedure to Make it

After lighting the candles, keep them under the pot. Then flip the smaller one upside down & place it over the candles. Make sure the flame does not catch the pot. Adjust the candles so that they stay on a flat surface.

Sufficient air flow is necessary as for the lack of oxygen, the candles will not make a flame. The arrangement will make sufficient heat. The little amount of heat of candles will heat up the pots and heat will gradually come out. 


A little amount of heat will be enough to heat up a smaller volume of tent. This is a safe arrangement for two sets of covering.

We can make it with household stuff. If you do not want to make it on your own, then you can buy it from a shop. Do not let the heat seep out of your tent, otherwise it will not work. 

Having a footprint

This will give good insulation. The soil will not be able to extract heat from the heating system. This will be hygienic too. In addition, the bed will stay warmer in this way. Just keep them away from sharp stuff from any kinds of leakage. 

Placing of the tent

Make the tent beside a large tree or mountain so that the strong cold wind hits directly on your tent. Use some coverings over the doors and windows for better insulation. Also, make sure the sunlight hits directly on your tent to get heat from sunlight.

The heat will be trapped into the tent for a long time if it is sealed properly like a greenhouse. Try to have a smaller tent as you can. 

Are Candle Lanterns Safe to Use in Tents?

Candle lanterns are safe to use in tent for heat if they are used with caution. Modern systems are quite a bit safe to use without any hassle.

Always use those under your observation and turn them off when you are away. Make sure that the candles are placed on a flat surface.

Keep them away from clothes, sleeping places and the tent wall. Do not hang anything on the lantern. They may fall on it and make fire. If possible, keep a small fire extinguisher.

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