How do you hang lights when camping

How Do You Hang Lights When Camping?

Camping is not all about just waking around and sleeping into the tent at night. We can decorate our tent in a festive way so that it all looks like a festival. In that case, have some hanging lights to decorate your tent. Before going camping you have to think about how you do hang lights.

There are different types of lighting systems. Before having lights make sure of the powering sources. Electricity sometimes does not go all the way to your camp. In that case the battery is a solution.

You can also consider rechargeable lights too. The last thing you may consider is gas-driven lights. LED lights are less power-consuming and emit sufficient lumens of light. For safety reasons, gas-driven lights are the worst one but they give high heat.  

Light Hanging Ways On A Campsite

In the case of the lighting, we get sufficient light from the sun all day long. After a long day of hiking, we used to go to sleep and not hangout much in the tent at night. But lighting is essential for reading, writing, or eating. Let’s see below how you do hang lights on camping depending on light types.

String lights

There are varieties of ways to hang different lights or a set of lights. For the case of the solar system, lights can be hung into the tent. You can have the opportunity to control them if they have a control switch with them. Wrap the string lights all around the living places to look festive. String lights can be hung in the tent with the help of Velcro bands or zip ties. For a larger one, use multiple strings. 


We know very well where to put on the headlight. Headlights are useful for cave hiking, reading at night or cooking. They use less energy and only focus on where we need them. They give hands free experience. They are inexpensive & last a long time with batteries. They work at different brightness levels and scattered styles.

Outside lighting

Sometimes we need to spend some time outside of the tent. In that case gas driven lanterns can be used. Hang it on bamboo or pillar. This will light up a large area. Cooking outside at night is also possible. If that is not possible, then firing wood is the solution. 

LED motion light

Small LED motion lights can be set up in a stick. Keep them on all night as the power consumption is low here. Motion light keeps animals away. You can tie around your tent to scare them away. 

Solar powered lighting

They are used to save energy as they get it from the Sun. For a long journey, it will save a lot of power and money. Get rid of any kind of anxiety about running out of batteries. Just keep the solar cells to direct Sunlight to recharge. 


Some lanterns work with gas and others use batteries or solar power. A rechargeable camping lantern is a good option for outdoor camping lights.

Hang lantern on a stick or some loop. Careful of falling off. As they have many shapes, the hanging facilities will be different for them. Before buying, choose foldable ones. Heavy lanterns should be kept on tables. 

We know that some lighting systems will take up little space, weight but the return is oftentimes worth it.

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