How do you maintain hygiene while camping

How Do You Maintain Hygiene While Camping?

We get dirty at the time when we are out, especially on a camping trip. The sweat, not having shower, dirt all of them make a mess. Taking good care of yourself is the only solution and this is hygiene. In this article, I will discuss “how do you maintain hygiene while camping.”

We need hygiene to stay healthy. Dirt, sweat, microbes bring odor and people get uneasy with it. Small bacteria can lead us to some serious consequences. Mental satisfaction is also important.

We need to go to some gatherings with fresh bodies and clothes. Otherwise, people will judge us for our disgusting lifestyle. 

How to Stay Hygienic While Camping

We used to get a little bit of dirt all the time. But taking good care of yourself with hygiene is the right thing to do, especially during camping. 

Essentials to have at the camping trip:

If you like to keep a first aid box, then have hand sanitizer, cotton, scissors and bandage. Have unscented soap for washing yourself and different liquid dishwasher soap for cleaning dishes. Those should be mild on sensitive skin.

For your teeth, have a toothbrush, dental floss and toothpaste. Taking care of your teeth two times a day would be the best. Try to avoid Fluoride as it is harmful for the environment. Unscented baby wipes will work temporarily if showering facilities are not available.

Towels that can be dried quickly should be brought for different purposes. Toilet papers will help you in many ways. Garbage Bags will help to deposit stuff into it.  

Never to have some facilities:

We want everything that is natural in the wilderness. Scented products may attract insects and wild animals. Washing those in the pond or lake will spread chemicals that may harm the ecosystem of the water environment.

For a few days of traveling, razors, mirrors are not that requirement but they will give extra load on you.  

Some other issues to be considered of:

  • Get comfortable fresh clothings. Keep clean your bed sheet after using baby wipes. Use a different dress during sleep. Change your clothes after a long hike or cooking. Try to avoid cooking smoke. It is good to have fresh change. Have wool based clothes instead of cotton ones. Especially for the top and the bottom. 
  • Organic or natural toothpastes are good for the environment instead of not brushing teeth. Before spitting out the toothpaste, get some water into your mouth to dilute it. Then spit it out to male a little impact on nature. Try to spread the residue on a larger area for the best. 
  • To avoid rashes, skin diseases and other symptoms, always do your business in the right way by following proper management. For number one, we can use bandanas instead of toilet paper. Antimicrobial clothes will absorb liquid, kill microbes and be waterproof. For number two you can use clothes or toilet paper. Dry up your private areas to stay fresh.
  • For a long journey, washing clothes and doing laundry is necessary. Undergarments and socks come first. It is advised not to clean all of them at the same time. Clean some and preserve some. 
  • Use a barrel for washing purposes. Mix detergent or soap into it. This will save a lot of soap in the lake. Rinse them in another bucket. If the soap is biodegradable, then you can leave the waste water into the forest. Do not keep waste water in a particular place. Distribute a larger area.
  • Use sunlight to dry clothes as early as possible.
  • Always keep your groin, armpits and feet dry to get rid of bacteria and fungi. After waking up, wear fresh clothes and socks so that you can spend the whole day fresh. 
  • During menstruation, it is ok to use tampons and sanitary pads but they should be dumped in a sealed bag. Use period proof panties. After using it, you can reuse it. 
  • Portable showers are light in weight and very helpful for cleaning purposes.

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