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Is It Ok To Hike In The Rain?

Have you ever considered what would happen if it rains during hiking? We can say that it could be a challenge for some hikers walking in nature while it is raining. You are going to enjoy the moment if proper preparation is taken in earlier. Today we are going to discuss tips and tricks about hiking safely during rain to have an enjoyable hike in rain. 

Choosing a hiking area in rainy season

It is important where you are going to hike. Places with small loose rocks or mud could be dangerous. The situation gets worse when the road is inclined. If you have already decided to hike in rain, choose a trail carefully. Look for a forest with large big trees.

1. Check the local weather forecast

It is wise to check weather not only for hiking days but also for day-to-day life for your own sake. Always good to know what you need- sunscreen or an umbrella. Local TV news generally does not broadcast hiking spots weather. Some weather software can help you with this. Also, check the weather of that week to have a good preparation.

2. Check the access roads that leads to the hiking area

In the area of some forests, roads could not be suitable after rain. Check whether the road is clear or not. During the storm, the road could be closed due to tree fall. After snowfall, the road could be covered with thick snow. Call local people or rangers to know about the condition.

3. Hiking after heavy rain

Take some extra caution after heavy rainfall in that area. It is good to have a good drainage system in the hiking area. New made hiking roads could be messy after heavy rainfall. Muddy road is not for a good hike. It is also slippery and dangerous.

4. Hiking beside a river

After heavy rain, some rivers swell and overflow roads beside it. Therefore, check whether the river and riverside are ok. Muddy road can be damaged by strong river tide. Falling into the river is common for slippery riverside trails. It is not wise to choose a riverside trail after heavy rainfall.

5. Selecting campsite during rain

Before Setting up camp, consider a rainwater drainage path. Don’t put your camp where water settles down. Branches of trees may fall on the tent. So don’t set up a tent under loose branches of trees. Otherwise, you may face an accident during the rain. And it is difficult to find help during rain.

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Things to Consider Hiking in the Rain

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1. Choosing clothes for rainy day hiking

Feeling comfortable is good for hiking. If you feel good then you can hike for a long time. Different clothing is necessary in case of rain. Thermal undergarments for both tops and bottoms will be good for cold weather. Have a comfy woolen sweater if you get chilly.

A waterproof jacket is suitable for both rain and wind. The jacket will keep the heat inside and the pants will protect from mud and rain. There are some hiking-friendly socks available in the market to comfort your feet.

2. Protecting your gear

All the seams are not sealed properly. Packs you are having are not totally waterproof. Zippers say waterproof but it is not true for some cases. It is wise to have good quality stuff from the market.  

3. Keeping trash bag

Keep trash bags with you. Wrap all your stuff with bags to have extra protection against rain. It is good to have an extra bag for picking up trash. Take a scissors with you for cutting the bag. 

4. Accessories that should be taken with

Trekking poles help when footing is slippery. Hand Warmers work when you tear open an outer foil pouch for producing a heat packet that will last for hours. Get blister supplies as wet feet are more blister prone feet. Headlamp will help you to walk in the dark.

Sometimes large trees hide the Sun and make it dark to see the surroundings. It is a must thing for a cave. Towels will be needed to dry up wet gear.  

5. Try to avoid cotton cloth

You need not use a cotton dress when it rains. It will soak water, sweat and give an extra weight which will make you discomfortable. It can even cause hypothermia.

6. Keep rainwear

Use rainwear if you are hiking during in rain. It should be large enough to cover up the whole body. Having a colorful coat will help to locate your actual position in case of danger.

7. Use water repellent

Check your rain gear for drops to bead up and roll off. Renew durable water repellent coating before hiking in rain. It will increase the performance of raingear.

8. Use a rain cap

Raincoats have a hood. But it sometimes can’t get rain out of your face. In that case it is wise to use a rain cap. A rain hat has a broad brim. Wear a ball cap style hat under the hood of the rain jacket.

9. Wearing hand gloves

During rain your hands will be cold. You Can’t put your hands into your pockets as grabbing stuff is important. Sometimes you also need to keep a stick while hiking. In that case, wear waterproof hand gloves to slip water away. Try to use such hand gloves that dry up sweat. 

How to keep feet dry in the rain?

There are some waterproof boots that keep feet dry. This is a good option to wear those during colder weather and rain. If the boots are old then renew the waterproof coating before going on a hike in the rain. Putting coating is a must when there are some large dark spots.

In milder conditions, mesh footwear works well. Mesh drains and dries quickly. Deep lug soles work well on mud. It is also good for slippery rocks and rocks. Pack gaiter to shield socks and the tops of footwear. Keep dry socks with you. 

Choosing the proper shoes for walking in rain

It is not good to have soggy feet when hiking. Waterproof hiking wear would be the best for this purpose. A higher ankle boot is good for walking in the rain as it provides more ankle support on slippery trails and keeps water out. 

Benefits of hiking in the rain

A little bit of rain is good for hiking. The body makes less sweat during the rainy season. Less sweating means more comfort while hiking. Dusts get clear from trails, trees and air. Thus the environment remains natural to look at. Sound of raindrops during hiking is awesome to hear. You will get fewer people on busy trails to have privacy. 

Can you get sick from hike in rain?

Hypothermia is common while running during rain. If you start to mumble, grumble and stubble then you need to stop. Try to make yourself dry and have food to have calories to make the body wormer. Take food and drink more than sunny days. 

Drying up wet cloths

After hiking in the rain, it is now a thinkable job to dry your clothes. Find a tree branch where you can dry up your clothes. You can also set up a rope for this purpose. It is always good to have rope with you. It can be used for many purposes also.


You need to remember that hiking in different seasons has different aspects. In every season nature shows us their different beauty. Take the proper gear before going to hike during rain. Read some articles about visiting a trail during the rainy season. Buy some stuff that is needed during rain.

Who knows, hiking on a rainy day could be the best trip of your life. Be Careful about thunderstorms. In case of lightning, take shelter in a suitable place. Precaution is always better than cure.  Keep walking after the thunder stops. 

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