Can I Use a Heater in My Tent?

Can I Use a Heater in My Tent?

Yes, we can use a heater in tent camping. A tent heater is a heater that we use in a tent while camping to keep it warmer. During the day of Winter, it works as a life saver. They are easy to carry on and power consumption is not that much. Different types of heaters are available in stores.

Some of them are gas driven and some of them need electricity. Gas heaters are easily portable and make a lot of heat. But the drawbacks are they are a fire hazard, produce carbon dioxide and decrease the amount of oxygen in the tent.

Under the electric facility, there are Dyson Pure Hot Cool fans, Infrared Heaters, Halogen Heaters, Fan Blown Heaters and so on. 

Is It Safe To Have A Heater In A Tent?

Adventure lover travelers do not care about any weather. During winter the tent environment gets cold and it is difficult to have a sound sleep at night. In that case, a heater comes to rescue the traveler.

Among heating items, there should be taken some precautions to get rid of any kinds of danger that could happen with the heater. 

Best tent heater

Whatever the quality of the heater is, there is some risk with it. Some of them have heavy risks and some of them are at lower risk. Poor quality heaters should be avoided for this reason. It can cause a fire hazard and a suffocation hazard. The situation gets worse if there is any kind of flammable subject besides the heater. 

Tent heaters with flame make excess heat to create fire. The sleeping bag, tent fly are easy things to get into the fire. You can even get fire from electric heaters too. Propane heaters can decrease the oxygen content of the tent.

They create Carbon Monoxide, Carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals that make air polluted. They can cause coughing to people. Intake of excess amounts of those harmful gases can even cause death.   

Which Heaters Are Deadly to Use in a Tent?

There are some safety features included in each tent heater but sometimes they do not work. 

Creation of Carbon Monoxide

It is a dangerous gas. This emits from a gas heater. Catalytic heaters are said to be pollution-free. But still they make hazardous gases. If the heater is old or broken, then it will obviously emit carbon monoxide gas.

Another thing is dust. In general, people use it yearly for such things. Dust particles clog in tiny holes and create a disaster. Particles create carbon monoxide by burning them. 

Decrease of Oxygen

We need oxygen for our living. We can not live without it. Gas heaters burn them to produce heat and supply us to warm up the tent. There is a sensor to indicate the Oxygen level. It is a special type of technology. But sometimes that might not work well.

As the gas is invisible, it can do some serious things that may lead to serious consequences. Monitoring the sensor regularly could be a solution. 

Heat Produced by the Heater

Every heater has an output to the heater. But if the thing is made of poor materials then it could leak heat from one or multiple sides. In this way it will emit excess heat beyond its limit.

Extra heat might not be appropriate for the tent as it has some limitations with heat produced. Tent materials can melt or even catch fire. The bottom of the heater can do any kind of damage if it is not made of good materials. 

Accidentally or Intentionally Covering up

Suppose you change your clothes on the heater and they fall off a sudden. This will trap the heat and make fire on the cloth. If not controlled, it would be a huge disaster.

A good indicator may stop the system but it is not always full proof. This decreases the Oxygen content of the area and makes all sick.

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