10 Best Camping Tents with Screen Room/Porch/Area (Reviews)

We take many steps to make our camping trip comfortable. Hundreds types of tents are available for your consideration. You need to learn first about your type of trip like backpacking, camping etc. Considering the season is also important. Using a camping tent with screen room you will get extra benefits in camping.

If you are in hurry see our top picks of the best screened tents with Porch/Room/Floor:

Image Product Features Price
coleman-screen-room-tent Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room ✔️ Well ventilated
✔️ Keeps bugs away
✔️ Have window awnings
✔️ Rain proof window
✔️ Easy reachable pockets
✔️ Strong wind resistant
✔️ Good for 6-8 persons
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Alvantor-Screen-House-Room-tent Alvantor Screen House Room Outdoor Camping Tent ✔️ Easily open and close
✔️ Compact design for easy carry
✔️ Can afford 3 adult people
✔️ Weights only 9 lbs
✔️ Carrying bag is included
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KAZOO-Waterproof-Backpacking KAZOO Outdoor Durable Waterproof Camping Tent ✔️ Quick installation
✔️ Usable in varieties of places
✔️ Double layer protection
✔️ Sufficient ventilation
✔️ Interior pocket
✔️ Long-lasting
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What Is a Screened Tent?

It is one kind of family camping tent that is often called screen room or screen porch. This will give you some extra benefits compared to normal tents. 

Different kinds of screened tents will give us different facilities:

  • The screened dome tents: This offers less comfort for their curved walls & small headroom. If you add a screened room, it will extend the section of the main dome. Its floor area has increased.
  • The screened cabin style tents: They come with many windows. Sometimes they are with multiple doors & multiple rooms. Good for summer camping.
  • Rainfly screened tent: Such a cabin-style and freestanding tent have the screened vestibule protection with a total coverage fly. The rest of the tent is a single-layer in design. Those tents can be freestanding or non-freestanding. Choose the best one according to your interest.

Benefits of Camping Tent with Screen Room

Besides all the facilities you can have with ordinary tents, there are some extra advantages with those screened tents.

During rainy days: At the time of gentle rain, it’s good to sit inside the tent walls & play games without crowding with your family in the sleeping tent.

During a hot day: It can be a good oasis. If your campsite doesn’t have shade, you can have fun over there. It’s mesh walls will allow the breeze to enter. The roof shelters you against the Sun.

During mealtime: Sit inside the dining tent & enjoy the food without being disturbed by wasps, flies & other annoying insects.

During leaving your campsite: If you go to the beach or hiking, you can store your gear & belongings in the tent to keep the main tent safe.

During evening times: When the mosquitoes come out to drink blood, take shelter inside the screened house. It’s easy & more pleasant than getting mosquito repellent that is also harmful to human health. 

During bedtime: If you are retired for the night, you can store your bicycles, lawn chairs, toys & gear in the dining tent. They can be sheltered from any kind of rainfall.

During hot nights: For unbearable warmth, you can sleep in the screen tent. Never use a screen tent like your only sleeping tent. They are not designed for keeping everything warm & dry.

All of those vary according to your duration of stay, the surroundings, budget and so on.

Best Tent with Screen Porch (Reviews)

10 Best camping tents with screen room/porch/area are described here for your kind consideration. 

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Key Features

  • Well ventilated
  • Keeps bugs away
  • Have window awnings
  • Rain proof window
  • Easy reachable pockets
  • Strong wind resistant
  • Good for many persons or a big family

Coleman dome tent is another great camping tent with screen room. It gives an additional sleeping place to sleep in. Well ventilated tent to give you a bug-free time and provides a screen for privacy. The awning-type window will let you have sufficient air to let in. They won’t let rain come in. 

Mesh pockets will help to keep small objects to keep you organized. Seams are inverted for weather resistance that hides needle holes inside the tent. It can handle strong winds with the support of poles and triangles.  

There is a  zipper cuff for weather resistance. The fabric is sufficient to protect against rain.

 The tent floor is strong enough to give proper support. Needle holes are not visible from the outside. Spacious for about eight persons. A rainfly gives extra weather protection. You can remove included rainfly for sunlight through the mesh roof.

What We Like

  • Have screen for giving privacy
  • The awaining helps air to circulate for a cool environment
  • The zipper cuff is well enough to get rid of water

What We Don’t Like

  • The front porch corners are angled
  • Not suitable for very cold weather

Alvantor Screen House Room Camping Tent

Screen House Room Outdoor Camping Tent

Key Features

  • Can be opened and closed easily
  • Compact design for easy carry
  • Can afford 3 adult people
  • Weights only 9 lbs
  • Carrying bag is included

It is like a pop up screen room for 2 to 3 adults. The weight measured only 9 lbs that is lighter than other items of this group. After folding it becomes very compact and comes with a carry bag. No assembly is needed. The frame is made of fiberglass that is rust-free, lighter and long-lasting. 

Spacious shelter totally fits 2-3 grownups. Space can cover furniture and BBQ facilities. The mesh tent ventilation gives air from all sides. Good for body heat and odor to go away. Can have views of the outdoors all the time. Can be situated in a  backyard, outdoor party, garden, afternoon tea time or picnic.

UV protection is available on the top against burning sun. Has a large door with double side silicone zipper. 4 mesh walls protect food from dirt and mosquitoes. Hang your cloth, bag or something else with a hook attached inside.

There are 4 sandbags, 8 metal mounting stakes and 8 guylines to give strength in windy weather.

What We Like

  • User friendly during setup and packing
  • Multipurpose uses
  • Can include furnitures in it

What We Don’t Like

  • Not waterproof & not rainproof
  • Not recommended for strong wind

KAZOO Outdoor Durable Camping Tent

Key Features

  • Quick installation
  • Usable in varieties of places
  • Double layer protection
  • Sufficient ventilation
  • One door can be converted into sunshade
  • Interior pocket
  • Long-lasting

The tent is spacious and has enough features. Setup can be done within 3 minutes. This has a vestibule to make it perfect as a family tent. Good for relaxing, hiking, fishing or camping. An ideal and durable family tent.

Total 2 functional layers exist that are made of mesh and polyester. Rainfly is also made of rip-stop polyester. 

All seams taped with waterproof for sufficient rain. Gives high performance in dangerous weather conditions. Contains 2 doors & 2 windows to give nice ventilation.

The front door can be converted into a sunshade. Does well on campsites, summer beaches and on your backyard party. It is a multifunctional tent that takes your family to nature.

Fishing, family parties, surfing, hiking and field trips are possible with it. The full-coverage rainfly & lightweight structure for standing up. Keep stuff in an interior pocket. The fabric goes a long way with you. 

What We Like

  • Can be used during family trips
  • Helps in extreme weathers
  • Fully covered rainfly

What We Don’t Like

  • Excess snowfall can’t be handled by this tent

Vidalido Double Layers Anti-UV Windproof Tents

Key Features

  • Conical shape
  • A person can stand easily inside
  • Outer layer can be detachable
  • Protects against raining
  • Long lasting
  • Rust-free poles
  • Provides sufficient airflow

The conical shape gives much space and height for people to stand inside the tent without trouble. At the time of changing clothes, you will feel very comfortable.

You can remove the outer layer for two installations. The outside layer can be a temporary dressing room, toilet or bathroom. It’s like purchasing two outdoor travel tents at the cost of one.

Caulking treatment and stitching taping help to prevent rain. The tent is made of anti-tear polyester & oxford fabric for a long-lasting performance. Anti-rust & reinforced steel poles give strong support. The quality fabric keeps the interior dry.

5 to 6 people can be adjusted here. Good for friends & family adventures. High-density mesh structure exists on both doors and windows. Good view is possible by nylon polyester mesh doors and roof along with sufficient airflow while keeping insects out.

The special design is very easy to set up in a few minutes. A compact carrying bag helps to carry.

What We Like

  • Feel yourself in the flower sea to enjoy different scenery.
  • Four sides have big landing balcony

What We Don’t Like

  • This tent can’t run a chimney
  • Not sufficiently strong

KAZOO NEPTUNE Backpacking Ultralight Tent

Key Features

Four persons capacity
Full-coverage rainfly
Light weight

This Neptune 4 person camping tent gives a suitable space for family camping. Five aluminum poles are included to give a stable and lightweight frame in a difficult situation. Dome design provides maximizing interior space. 

The double-layered tent is made of mesh and polyester. The rainfly is made of ripstop polyester and the floor is made of good quality 150D Oxford. It is totally covered by rainfly that provides the waterproof property with seamed joints. 

The upper vents provide proper ventilation. There are two large double zip doors for going in.  Sliding door can support for making an awning. Hang loops and pockets will help to organize important stuff inside the tent. The light tent is ideal for mountaineering.

Various outdoor activities like adventure, surfing, field trips, hiking, and family parties can also be possible. 

What We Like

  • Upper vents helps in proper ventilation
  • Such a light tent is suitable for mountaineering

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for a very tall person
  • Not to use for four seasons

HILLMAN Lightweight Windproof Camping Tent

Key Features

  • Suitable for 2 persons
  • The tent is orange in color
  • Strong zipper is used
  • Aluminium poles are used here
  • 43.23 inches height
  • Four seasonal use
  • Sides are made of polyester

HILLMAN Lightweight Backpacking Windproof Camping Tent is a perfect one for a two-person group. Comes in a cute orange color. A large zipper is attached to it for opening purposes.

All the poles here are made of aluminum. Aluminum helps to make it lighter along with giving the tent to stand up. 

The rounded shape will protect it from the wind. The maximum height of this tent is 43.23 inches. Use it for all four seasons. All the sides of the tent are made of polyester fabric.

Joints are made in such a way that the rainwater cannot go through inside. It goes for many years. Installation and packing up can easily be done in a few minutes.

What We Like

  • Ideal for camping with two persons
  • Compact design

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for a large group 
  • Can’t handle so much gadgets
  • Comes in only one color

Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Key Features

  • A big screen porch for open-air living space
  • Sufficient space for eight people
  • Center height is 86 inch
  • Storage pockets are available
  • Hanging corner shelf on sides
  • Pack weight is 36.24lb
  • Ideal for big family

Core screen room tent is another best tent for family camping. It is like having a house to stay in outside of your real house. The inner room is big enough to have your whole family.

The porch can be used for evening tea parties for your family. The screen porch separates the bedroom from the outside world to keep the bugs out. 

Steel rods are color-coded which makes it easy to put up. The frame of the tent looked wobbly but after staking down and hooking it up to the frame, it’s solid. After packing, the storage bag feels heavy. There are wheels for easy movement. 

Quite heavy as it has a larger space and a porch. You can change clothes by standing up without any hassle. Set this up with couples of helping hands so that you all can enjoy the temporary home together. 

What We Like

  • Feels like someone’s own house
  • Enough room in the main room
  • Screen porch can have 2 chairs and 1 table

What We Don’t Like

  • There is no floor in the screened area
  • Don’t have rain cover
  • Need more than one person to set the tent up

Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Screen Room

Key Features

  • 6 persons capacity
  • Rainproof
  • Setup is easy
  • Fresh air can easily get into it
  • Keeps away bugs
  • Porch can accumulate 2 more people

Enjoy your camping with this large tent to accumulate six people. Fully waterproof so that you don’t face any difficulties during the rainy season or sudden rain while camping. You can set it up within 10 minutes with three-pole designs. A carry bag is included for easy storage and makes it compact.

Its vestibule helps you to enjoy the fresh air with your friends & family by keeping away from the bugs and dirt. An optional cover creates a weatherproof porch to use as an additional sleeping space for 2 persons. You can also buy a 4-person tent and tents with open porches.

The floor, inverted seam and welded corners help to keep water from getting in during it rains. 

Rainfly is detachable and offers weather protection too. The frame can handle winds up to 35mph in general. An extra-high ceiling and vertical walls help to stand straight to move around. 

Ground vents offer better airflow into the tent. Panoramic windows let in sunlight. 

What We Like

  • The tent has an electric port on the one side
  • The fly is sufficient in the rain.
  • The two side windows & the rear window can be zipped up for privacy.

What We Don’t Like

  • The tent has no separate tarp to protect the bottom of the tent. 

Pacific Pass Dome Camping Tent with Screen Room

Key Features

  • 6 persons tent
  • Center height is 68.9 inches
  • Has a 120 x 47.2 inches screen room and 120 x 120 inches base
  • Comes with  two mesh storage bags and a net bag
  • A hook on the top for a lantern
  • Indoor stays dry after it rains
  • 6 ropes and 12 stakes comes with it
  • 3 to 4 people can set it up within 5 minutes
  • Carry bag weighs 16.5lbs

Pacific Pass Dome Camping Tent has a large porch that is made of black gauze. A door with a zipper exists in the middle for isolating the outside place. The screen door can be rolled up if it is not usable right now. You can use the tent with table & chairs.

It has a large D-shaped door for proper ventilation & easy entrance. The porch attached with it is made from black mesh gauze. Three zippered windows provide proper ventilation during hot days. You can roll up windows from inside for good ventilation.

There is a hook on the top of the tent to hang the camping light. It is equipped with two mesh bags for storing small stuff. This is a three seasonal tent. The weight of the tent is 18.26 lbs. Carry the bag in the trunk.

What We Like

  • You can easily assemble it without staking it
  • Enjoy the view from the screened-in porch
  • The rain fly help to ensure water does not make a way into the tent

What We Don’t Like

  • The front mesh part doesn’t keep water from coming in.

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room

Key Features

  • Weather-resistant Fabric
  • Leak-free Seams
  • Protected Seams
  • Waterproof Floors
  • Zipper Protection
  • Wind Strong Frame

This item is specially designed for car camping. This tent has a floorless screened room that has extra ventilation for hot days. It also gives you a bug-free place for having food. The tent is designed with the WeatherTec system.

These welded floors & inverted seams help you to stay dry. A rainfly gives extra weather protection. It has room for 2 queen-size airbeds. Storage pockets help you to keep your stuff decorated. 

The angled windows help air circulation but don’t let water get in. A hinged door helps to enter and leave the tent. An E-Port brings electrical power inside the tent. The tent is made of durable Polyguard fabric.

The tent will last season after season for 6 persons. 20 minutes is required to set up. An expandable carry bag helps to tear away the rip strip for easy packing.

What We Like

  • It comes with everything you need to set it up
  • There is a zippered slot for sliding the electrical cord inside the tent

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs some seam sealer to go around the seams to prevent water leaks
  • The screened in area is kinda small and does not have a floor

Buying Guide of Tent with Screen Room

Think first before buying a family tent with a screen room. If you have a porch in a tent, you can keep all your gear. It is a place for muddy footwear and pets. You can also have extra room for more people if there is no rain. During rain, a screen room is a good place for wet gear. It also gives extra protection from bugs.

Size of the Tent Matters

Consider buying a big one while buying a new tent. It will give you advantages in many ways. 

A screened porch will also give you many advantages compared to just a tent. If a tent says that it can manage 4 people, you will find out that it will be tight fit for the people. It could have said that this is for a family with two children.

You can’t use them for four grown-ups. It is practical to buy a six-person tent to accumulate four persons. It’s good to have sufficient room during camping.

Consider the Weight

The weight depends on what kind of camping you are planning. Traveling in a car for camping, the weight won’t matter compared to backpacking. Basically, a larger tent will weigh more than a smaller one.

It feels comfortable to have a lightweight tent, as we don’t want to struggle with heavy items. But a very light tent can flap around more in windy weather. The weight of a tent lies between 7 to 40 lbs. In case of backpacking, under 10lbs is best.

Consider the Weather

Water-resistance means it resists moisture and while waterproof means it won’t let water in. The best way to look for waterproof ratings they are given. The fabric can handle many millimeters of water but more than that, it will leak water.

A rainfly will help to keep water away. Choose a tub-type floor with proper ventilation. During dry weather, weatherproofing doesn’t matter. Wind could be wild at any time. You may not want to tent outside during snowfall. Consider 4 seasonal tents for every purpose. 

FAQ’s on Tent with Screen Room

What is a Tent with a Screen Room?

The screen room in the tents is a small room covered with a screen. It keeps insects away & creates an area to relax. It depends on the tent. The room can be large enough to sleep in. You can also have enough space for one chair or two.

What is a screen tent with a floor?

For the total protection against bugs, only mesh cover won’t work. You will need a floor so that the bugs can’t get into your tent underneath. The best way is to have the complete package of door, window, floor and mesh. In this way, you can have an environment like a home.

Should your screen tent be with or without a floor?

Yes, the screened tent could be with or without any floor. You need to check before buying it. The floor will give you a couple of advantages but will be a little bulky. This will keep you away from bugs and mud. 

What is a Tent with Porch?

A tent with a porch is like a home with a veranda. This will make your pleasure trip more comfortable. You can have a chair and relax on it and enjoy the view. Sun protection will give a cool environment.

What is the Screen Porch Used For?

Screen porch is used for giving you shelter against the Sun. Bugs will stay away from the screen. It will give some extra room to keep all the gears especially when it rains. You need not to light up during the day if you want to read a book.

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