The Best Camping Tent with AC Port (2022)

Attaching an AC unit in your tent will be the best to make the temperature and humidity inside as possible. So consider before buying a camping tent with AC port or not.

Some climates may not suit you and ruin the whole camping. You can make a difference in your budget with some basic adjustments. 

Our Top Picks

These are our top recommendations tent with AC port overall. If you’re in a hurry, take a quick look at these three options first! 

Image Product Features Price
Bushnell-tent-with-ac-port Bushnell Shield Instant Cabin Tent * Well equipped AC port
* Heat shield technology
* for 6/9/12 person variants
Check Price
Ozark-Trail-Tent-with-Air-Conditioner-Port Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent * AC can be fitted
* 12 person capacity
* Poles are attached
Check Price
Wenzel-Kodiak-9-Person-Tent Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Tent * AC port facilities
* 9 person capacity
* 2-room family cabin tent
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Benefits of Having A Tent With An AC Port

Here are few benefits of having a tent with an AC port:

Helps in controlling sweat

Summer camping season can become incredibly hot inside a tent. The best tents with air conditioning ports can help to make the hottest day more bearable. With sweaty bodies and high humidity, camping is not enjoyable. In this situation, an aircon can save your life and make the whole journey comfortable.

More people means more body heat

There needs to be a larger tent for many people. Many people create much more body heat. In that case, natural airflow and ordinary fans won’t work much. The situation can easily be handled by a well-equipped AC to cool the environment down.

Have a good night sleep

Tents with an AC port are such a valuable asset in your camping time especially at the time when the conditions are hot and humid. AC allows you to have a better night’s sleep. After hiking all day you must need a sound sleep to get up fresh for the next morning. Tents with air conditioning ports will help you to make humid and hot nights comfortable.

Stay cool during midday

AC will cool you down in midday heat as the temperature inside the tent during the daytime will be more than outside. It is difficult to have a rest, nap, or lunch in peace under the scorching heat. Just turn on the AC and do whatever you like and feel like Winter during Summer. 

Best Camping Tent with AC Port (Reviews)

Now that you know why you need a camping tent with AC port, let’s take a look at your options and find the best tent with an air conditioner port.

Bushnell Shield Instant Cabin Tent

Bushnell Shield Instant Cabin Tent will give you the opportunity to adjust an AC vent so that you don’t feel a thing at hot summer and feel like home in mother nature. It keeps the fly on to contain the cool air.

A reflective coating on the underside of the rainfly blocks UV rays and keeps the tent cooler. Totally taped waterproof seams seal the tent from rainwater where heavy tie-downs stand tough against strong wind. Durable fabric is stronger than the average tent.

Specifications and Key Features

  • Comes in 6/9/12 persons variants
  • Well equipped AC port
  • Poles are pre attached
  • Heat shield technology followed
  • Waterproof seams for sealing rainwater

Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Poles

Ozark Instant Cabin Tent has an oversized ground vent that fits an air conditioner. It keeps you cool all the time on hot days. Two separate internal room dividers give you sufficient privacy. This cabin style comes with large windows on all sides.

You can set up the 12 person variant tent in just 2 minutes. No assembly is required as its poles are pre-attached to the tent. It has a large front awning for relaxing purposes under the shade. 

Specifications and Key Features

  • Total 12 persons capacity with 3 rooms
  • Poles are pre-attached
  • Ground vent is oversized for cooling purpose
  • AC can be fitted
  • A large front for relaxing

Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Tent

Wenzel Kodiak Tent is large enough to accumulate nine grownup persons at a time. All of them stay cool under AC facilities. The company is committed to making family-friendly products at a low cost. The Kodiak’s steel pin-and-ring set-up is very easy to assemble. 

Pin-and-ring system connecting hubs are found here for an easy setup. The door is D- style with mesh. Two picture windows and two bay windows let the cool breeze come into the tent for cooling the entire tent. 

Specifications and Key Features

  • Can include nine persons at a time
  • Divider creates 2 separate rooms
  • Steel frame and stakes
  • Central hubs and pin ring set up system
  • AC port facilities

How to Cool a Tent When Camping

Camping is fun once you have all the comfort you need while camping. During hot days, it is good to have your tent cool. Couples of procedures you can follow to make your tent comfortable.

  • Sleep at night: After hiking all day, it is refreshing to have a good night’s sleep. When the sun sets, the temperature ceases to cool. The temperature of the tent cools down gradually. Go to bed after a long time of sunset. Try to get up early before sunrise to have a cool sleep.   
  • Keeping as much ice as you can: If you have the facility of getting a sufficient amount of ice, get those and keep it in the tent when required to cool the tent down. This helps if you have electricity and a cooling system available. 
  • Avoid darkish color: We know that white color keeps us cool. Dark colors absorb the heart of the sun and make the tent hot. Buy a light color tent to have a cool tent. Breathable fabric will also let the hot air out and make the tent cool. 
  • Soak your tent: Before going to sleep, you can soak your tent so that the inner environment of your tent stays cool while you are into it. If you have any water reservoir nearby then it is ok but if not, then you can manually spray water on the tent for soaking. 
  • Having a fan: If there are some facilities of electricity, then have an AC table fan. This will cool the tent very quickly. You can also install a battery driven fan. Make sure that your battery has sufficient storage capacity. 
  • Have sufficient mesh: Mesh will let cool air in that helps to cool the tent cool down swiftly. It could be a problem for the rainy season though. Have a rainfly for protection from the rain water. 
  • Check the air flow: Camp your tent in such a place where you can have sufficient air. If the place is near a mountain, then choose carefully the direction of the air. For placing tents beside a forest or a big tree, make sure they don’t block the flow of air. 
  • Having a reflective sunshade: A reflective sunshade will reflect the sunlight and protect the tent from the heat of the Sun. Make sure that the coating of the shade is not faded out. You can renew the paint in cheap. 
  • Look for a shade: Place with a shade always stays cold. Find out a place with the shade of a large tree. The shade may come from a mountain. You can have shade from the row of trees. 
  • Close your tent during day: It is wise to close up the tent when there is hot sun. The tent will trap heat by day and keep them into it to make the whole tent a hot place. 
  • Have an AC: If you can manage an AC, then go for it. But it will take some extra effort like transportation facilities, electricity and a group of people. 

There are also some local procedures by which you can manage the heat of your tent. Try to accept the technique that is appropriate for you.

FAQs or Tent with Air Conditioner Port

How much is an air conditioned tent?

The cost depends on the size, shape and manufacturer. Tents are sold on the basis of per square footage. Count $1.00 to $1.50 per square foot on average. Estimate your tent size and then calculate the money you need. 

Can you put AC in a tent?

Yes, you can put AC in a tent as long as the tent has an AC Port. Some camping sites have plug sockets available and you can use them for anything you like to use. Check first what kinds of facilities they provide for campers.

How do you put an air conditioner in a tent?

A powerful AC is needed for a tent to run properly as the tent walls are not as rigid as our residence. You need to calculate the heat loss and leakage. The Manual will demand a lot but we need to be practical about it and get heavier AC compared to our house ones. 

Will a portable AC work in a tent?

A window AC would be the best for a camping tent. But if you fail to manage one then a portable ac will do but you won’t get the same performance compared to window or split AC.

How do you insulate an air conditioner tent?

* Apply insulating reflectable materials on tent fabric
* A tarp can be used to insulate the tent
* Cover minor leakage with a pool noodle and duct tape
* Put polyester cloth under the camping tent
* Floor insulation using an insulating sheet is helpful

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