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Why is Camping Better Than Hotel? (15+ Appreciable Reasons)

Hotels can offer you more facilities than homes. You need to book a hotel if there is no option. You may feel like staying at home without any adventure. Costing is an issue to have a hotel room. In that case, camping is a good solution for you.

To have more fun with friends and family, you need to plan for a camping trip. This will help you to go closer to nature. Let us discuss the benefits of camping over hotels. Various types of campings like a river view, tent or car will offer you different tastes.

16 Reasons Camping is Better Than a Hotel

Camping is more fun and challenge. It is also much cheaper than a hotel. In the campsites, here you are free. There are many reasonable points of camping vs staying in a hotel. Lest reading 16 reasons why camping is better than hotels.

1. Sleep in your own clean bed rather than staying in hotel

We don’t know who stayed there, how well the sheets have been cleaned and the bed you are sleeping on could have bedbugs or any other kinds of bodily fluids. Think about how many people slept on the bed earlier.

It’s more comfortable than the hotel bed if you choose a comfortable mattress for camping. I know that my mattress is comfortable and it will give me a sound sleep. I rarely get this kind of satisfaction in hotel beds.

2. Experience the Power of nature by camping

All of these modern equipment are good for us but sometimes it’s a great relief for us. We need to stay in nature for some time so that we can connect with mother nature. It has a magical way of healing.

The calming effect of nature helps us to realize ourselves. You can experience the sights that you normally don’t get at home or hotel.

3. Camping helps you stay active

In case of camping, you have the opportunity to go out for a hike. Hiking will keep you fit. Zigzag paths and mountains do the job even better.

In case of camping, you need to do some physical activities for continuing the whole camping. There are often hiking trails nearby and these trails make you feel for a hike.

4. It allows you to disconnect from all of our gadgets

It’s a good habit when you’re into nature by disconnecting from all of the distractions in your life. Disconnecting allows you to get in touch with yourself better. It helps you to get rid of some stress that is building up in you.

If necessary, you can pick up your cell phone with you. Stay off from social media and the internet other than using it before planning your trip.

5. It costs comparatively less amount of money

Hotels are expensive compared to camping. During camping, you are reducing this cost by using your own made living space. A paid campground always needs less money. It requires more than $100 per night for a hotel room which is a big concern for many people.

If you ask for more facilities, then you need to count more. There are some special types of camping ground that offer more facilities for maintenance too.

6. Walk on your own clean floor while staying in the camp

Hotel carpets could be dirty and have germs in it. It is wise not to walk on them bare foot. Vacuum cleaners can’t get rid of them totally. Get a rubber flip-flop before going on a camping trip. Take it in the washroom too.

When you are walking in your camp, it feels like you’re stepping on your own floor. 

7. Advantage to have new friends

Many campers from all over the place come for camping. They have the opportunity to come closer. They can share their own cultures among them. This can be more memorable as you meet people who are interested in the same lifestyle that you have.

In general, people at hotels have their own timetables and it is not possible for different families to come closer.

8. The food is delicious

Food in some resident hotels might not taste good. It is an amazing experience to cook for ownself. You can have different menus on different days. Cooking over a campfire has a different taste of their own.

While hiking, you may need extra nutrients to serve your body. In that case you can cook whenever you get time in camping.

9. You don’t need to pack fancy dresses

In expensive hotels, they might demand a dress code to suit that place. In that case you are required to pack some fine clothes with you that will give more pain.

In case of camping, you can feel free of any dress code. Just take some casual dresses with you that will give more comfort. 

10. Campfire is not possible in most of the hotels

A campfire is a good way to allow yourself to enjoy sitting by the fire that is not possible in hotels. Campfires are allowed in campgrounds in general.

You can roast meat or fish over there. It allows you to do something that you are not used to in. Gathering beside a campfire with friends and family is a memorable incident of our life. 

11. It’s good for your health

At the time of camping, you are getting experiences of fresh air and seeing new sights, hearing new sounds of nature. Camping and being out in nature is good for you in many ways. It can have many benefits for both physical and mental health.

It can lower stress levels and reduce anxiety. A hotel gives you another house to go into and turn on the TV.

12. Better entertainment can be enjoyed by camping

You can have a good sight at night under the stars that is not expectable in a hotel. Entertain yourself on your own in a new and stylish way. Nature can give you the best scenes that hotels cannot offer.

The artificial lights of the city can draw your attention but nature is always calling you to visit. You may never want to go back to the city.

13. It’s like staying at your own home

At the time when you go camping, it feels like you are staying in your own place. Everything that you own is already situated in a space where you like and the way you are comfortable with. This experience allows you to travel and stay in different places and enjoy those advantages along with the comfort of your home.

14. Peace and quiet place to stay in

Hotels are noisy places to stay in. Many of the rooms have thin walls. You can hear your neighbors TV or stereo all night long but you can’t do anything about it. You can hear doors opening and closing all night long.

Neighbors can have parties without you by making you jealous. Campgrounds have quiet environments. You can have a pleasant experience most of the time.

15. Family time while camping

There are many facilities available in camping. Family members could spread out for their different interests. In case of camping, family members try to stick together in the wild to get rid of any kind of danger.

You don’t have many distractions and can focus on a specific issue. Kids love camping as it allows them to play all around them.

16. You can take your beloved pets

Some pet owners get worried if they leave their pets at home. Many hotels don’t allow pets in their hotels. This is not a problem for a camping trip. Walking beside a river with a pet is a enjoyable thing to do.

Your pet might not like the hotel rooms. Their food habit might be changed in a new house and this can ruin your trip.


Staying the night in a hotel can be good for some people to have a good night sleep. But you won’t have the natural environment over there. If you have never camped before, you are missing so many wonderful experiences. People have different issues in their lives.

Therefore, it is good to think before going out for a visit. This applies for both staying at a hotel or camping in the wild. The camping will be an amazing and fun experience for the whole family.

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