5 Best Rectangular Sleeping Bag for Camping of 2022

In case of hiking long distances or going out for a weekend of lakeside camping, a good night’s sleep is essential for keeping hikers active & moving during the day. Rectangular sleeping bags are slightly bulkier than other shapes. The best rectangular sleeping bag is ideal for those who want to enjoy some extra space during their sleep.

The Best Rectangular Sleeping Bag (Reviews)

FARLAND Sleeping Bags

Farland Super Comfortable Sleeping Bag is made to ensure that after a rough day hiking or traveling, you can have a relaxing night’s sleep. Its controlled design makes folding very quick & easy.

The bags are designed for working between -7 to 17℃ temperature. Its waterproof & weather-resistant design keeps us warm during extreme conditions. 

Kamp-Rite Outdoor Camping Rectangular Sleeping Bag

It’s a traditional rectangular style sleeping bag. The main element here is hollow fiber filling that gives you comfort in both cold and hot weather.

For added warmth, a sturdy canvas bag with cotton flannel lining is used. A zippered carry bag with handles is used for easy transport. The whole thing only weighs 11 pounds. 

OmniCore Mummy & Hooded Rectangular Sleeping Bag

The OmniCore Designs Mil-Spec Modular Sleeping Bag system is made to insulate in weather ranging from usual weather to cold weather. There are 2 hooded rectangular style sleeping bags that are joined together to give you the best performance. 

MT Army Military Modular Sleeping Bags System

MT Military Army Modular Sleeping Bag System Assembly has a couple of qualities like-Patrol Sleeping Bag, Intermediate Sleeping Bag, Bivy Cover & Stuff Sack. Mummy Style. 

It is made of nylon surface & thickened nylon tightening belts that are water-resistant, scratch-resistant & high-strength. Filling consists of high-grade military filling material that is highly fluffy and compression resistant.

ALPS OutdoorZ Flannel Sleeping Bag

The ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood Flannel Sleeping bag is made of pure and improved 100% Cotton. 

The outer layer of the oversized rectangle bag has cotton canvas & paired with a cozy 100% cotton flannel liner. There is two-layer construction that eliminates cold & traps in maximum heat.

What to Look for in a Camping Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Pad Should be Thick Enough

Sleeping pads keep us warmer by insulating from the cold ground. Try to avoid a flimsy piece of foam. It should elevate your body, like about 2 inch thick. A lousy pad will not give you the fullest comfort that it is supposed to be.

In addition,  you’ll feel every rock underneath you and the mattress. Elevation is important to get rid of any kind of moisture. 

Be Realistic in Every Expect

A sleeping bag should be lightweight for carrying purposes. They are attractive to look at. You should remember that you don’t buy it every year.

Therefore, It should be durable and need to know what will meet all the purposes. All seasonal and multi-purpose bags will cost you a lot. On the other hand, one or two seasonal bags are cheap. 

Find the AppropriateShape

In general, sleeping bags are in two shapes. One is mummy bags, which are warm but restrictive. And the other one is rectangular bags, which are roomy but don’t retain heat as well. We can have more options nowadays.

For example, Nemo’s Spoon bags give the warmth of a mummy bag along with giving you more space to roll around. There is another one called Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy, which has slots at the top so that you can sleep with your arms outside the bag for your comfort. .

Choose the Right Fill

In case if you’re going to someplace where weight matters like backpacking & bike packing, go with down. Synthetics are better when wet as they dry up quickly. And they also tend to be cheaper. Buy with synthetic if you car camp or plan to spend a quality time in the rain or near the water.

Always Go Warmer 

Temperature ratings are very much accurate at the time of manufacturing. 

But they do not account for human variability. Many of us get hot quickly. But some of us get colds. For safety, purchasing a bag that’s rated from 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the lowest temperature you expect to encounter.


What is a rectangular sleeping bag?

A rectangular sleeping bag is made in the shape of a rectangle. The boxy shaped sides have similar lengths with the top & bottom sides joined together by a zip. This allows for maximum comfort because there is more space to move around.

What is a good sleeping bag for camping?

The sleeping bag should lift you off the ground. This helps to keep you a bit warmer & drier as you will be off the damp cold ground. Consider a sleeping bag liner for extra warmth & comfort. The bag should keep you dry during moist weather.


The Best Rectangular Sleeping Bag is a great choice for you. It can be a little bit heavier than a usual mummy bag. Nothing feels better than being able to sleep unrestrained in whatever position you like while camping. It gives quality, comfort, portability &  warmth.

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