7 Best Rechargeable Camping Lantern (2022 Reviews)

Lantern is a vital component of camping gear. While the night can be mysterious in camping, the dark can be difficult to navigate. A camp lantern can light your way. We highly recommended using a rechargeable camping lantern in backpacking or camping.

Camping is not totally natural these days. People miss their house fasciitis in mother nature. Lack of electricity makes them feel like they are missing everything from their lives. A portable camping generator can solve the electricity problem in the campground. But portable generators are costly and difficult to carry.

So camping lantern is a blessing in the wilderness. It is also low cost and easy to carry.

The Best Rechargeable Camping Lantern (Reviews)

Below you will find a list of the best rechargeable camping lanterns. These lantern choices are made based on recommendations, specifications, performance and price.

Etekcity Camping Lantern Battery Powered Led Lights

Etekcity Best Rechargeable Camping Lantern

30 individual low consumption LED bulbs give ultra brightness in 360°. You don’t need much energy for that. Use it in moderate light for about 30 hours if the batteries are new. Control the brightness in four different levels.

All the purposes like hiking,  power outage, camping,  backpacking,  reading and emergency. Magnetic base sticks it to any metal frames. Made with military-grade ABS material. The build allows you to take lanterns on the go with ease. Smaller size takes up little space. Use it as tactical storage.

The top lid contains a small room to store small things like your keys, some spare batteries, some change etc.

Key Features

  • Ultra Bright Light
  • Long Lasting
  • Multiple Brightness Controller
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Tactical Storage


No of LED30
Luminous Angle 360 degree
Light Hours 304
Brightness Level 4
No of Batteries3AA

MalloMe Lanterns Battery Powered LED – Camping Lantern

MalloMe Battery Powered LED Lantern

With ultra brightness, you can survive an emergency storm alongside the darkest of nights. LED bulbs save energy and they are battery powered. Gives light in every direction. The 146 Lumen Camping Lanterns have the best in portable brightness technology.

You just need AA batteries that are sold separately. You can pull open the collapsible design for turning on the portable lantern. Just expand the lantern as big or small to adjust the brightness.

Forest Green, Colorado Gold, Midnight Black and River Blue are four colors that come with. Over 100,000 hours of LED bulb lifespan you can have. CE & ROHS Approved Military Grade ABS Material is provided.

Key Features

  • LED Provided
  • Ultra Brightness
  • Multiple Portability
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Comes with Four Colors
  • Weather-resistant 


Light Capacity 146 lumen
Movement 360 degree
Battery Type  AA
Design Collapsible
No of Colors 4
Build Material   Military Grade ABS
LED bulb lifespan 100,000 hours

Enbrighten LED Mini Camping Lantern

Enbrighten LED Mini Camping Lantern

Comes in a compact design. It has gone a long way for many years. Impact resistance is guaranteed &  IPX4 rated standard against the elements. You can use it in many ways and situations like camping, outdoors, power outages, hurricanes, patio, emergency lighting,  tornadoes etc.

360° bright white LED light will give everything you need. You can have an omnidirectional light range if you adjust high settings. 200 lumens light is possible with this light. 25ft can be covered easily.

Customize light level by low, medium & high according to your need. Use it for many years without any hassle. With 4 AA batteries, it can run for 40 hours. 

Key Features

  • Impact Resistant
  • Multipurposes Usage
  • Durable
  • High Quality Illumination
  • Safe and Dependable
  • Compact Lantern


Light Capacity LED
Lighting Angle  360 degree
Lighting Level   Customizable
Lighting per Cycle40 hrs
Lighting Intensity 200 lumens
Batteries        4 AA

AKMONA Camping Lantern

AKMONA Camping Lantern

Akmona is another best rechargeable camping lantern. The light runs in four different modes. Your space is covered by 360-degree  lighting. The top spotlight provides high visibility. Larger areas are successfully handled with the light. Collapsible design will make it tiny one.

During a natural disaster, it will act like survival equipment. 3AA batteries operate it for a long time. Magnet base will help you to fit it on a metal surface. With a metal handle it looks novel in design. You can hang it on trees or other prolonged things.

You can use it during rain, hurricanes and rainstorm weather for its water resistant properties. ABS military materials make it strong enough in danger. Cool stuff for your indoor or outdoor activities.

Key Features

  • Large Area Brightness
  • Long Last Run Time
  • Novel Design
  • Durable & Water-resistant
  • Energy-saving


Light Directions360 degree
Lighting Mode   4
Batteries 3AA
Magnet Base Yes
Body MaterialABS military

AYL StarLight LED Camping Lantern

AYL StarLight LED Camping Lantern

You can totally rely on the lantern for its 6 days of continuous activity. The type of bulb it uses is LED that uses less electricity. 1000 lumens of brightness makes your day. The LED will go on for 100000 hours. It runs in 3 D type batteries. Shockproof design will make your life easy.

As it is lightweight, you can easily carry it anywhere. Use it during any kind of natural or man made emergencies. The modes here you can have are low, high and flashing. Just cycle the switch button for this. The hook on it will let it hang with something.  

Key Features

  • Most Reliable Lantern
  • Goes for a long 6 days
  • Very Lightweight
  • Shockproof quality
  • Water Resistant


Bulb Type LED
Light Intensity 1000 lumens
Total Uses Over 100,000 hours
Continuation6 days
Light Modes 3

Lighting Ever LED Camping Lantern

Lighting Ever LED rechargable

Multiple modes like- daylight white, warm white, full brightness & flashing is possible. Easy operable button. Under high light, you can study wherever you want. Dimmer light can help you to sleep tight.

The batteries used here are 3pcs D alkaline but not rechargeable. For water resistance, you can use it during rain. It also can handle natural and man made disasters. It can even protect you against splashing water from all angles.

There is a hook by which you can easily hang it with anything. The handle is on the top and made of metal for carrying purposes. 

Key Features

  • Easy adjustable modes
  • Reading is possible
  • Water Resistant
  • Long Lasting


Lighting Modes 4
Batteries 3pcs D alkaline
Continuation 12 hrs
Hanging Hook Yes
Removable Cover  Yes

Lichamp 4 Pack COB Camping Lantern

Lichamp 4 Pack COB Camping Lantern

The light is safe to use and gives ultra bright light. Total 30 LED lights give enough light to study books. Very low energy consumption happens here by 3AA batteries. It doesn’t give much heat to touch. The system is made of military-grade for safety.

The water resistant property will help you to use it in rains. The latest COB technology features 350 lumens. The durable quality will last for a long time. As it is lightweight, you can easily carry it to any place.

It is hard enough to resist external shock. The collapsible design can make it compact that looks good. You can pull up the handles to turn it on and even control the brightness. 

Key Features

  • Provides ultra Bright Light
  • Gives light in all angles
  • Low battery Consumption
  • Reliable Construction
  • Compact & Collapsible


Bulb Type LED
No of Bulbs  30
Lighting Angle 360 degree
Covering Area 97 sq.ft.

What to Look for in a Camping Lantern

Looking for the best rechargeable camping lantern? We’ve got you covered! In this detailed buyer’s guide, consider few things to choose the perfect lantern for your next camping trip.

Performance Duration 

We see that there are a few lanterns that go for a long time. They don’t give up easily. Modern lights don’t drain power easily. They use the power slowly. The instruction manual will tell you how long it is going to give you light.  Propane-powered lanterns do that. Make sure that it goes long and does not run out in the mid-time. 


We know that the stuff that goes outside suffers so much pressure. This is true for camping trips. Therefore, those things should be durable enough to give you comfort. The lantern Suffers the most as it runs for a long time.

The stuff should be made of high quality materials. The ingredient should be made of transparent materials to give you sufficient light. If you keep the light on, then it will make a lot of heat. The parts of the lantern should be made of heat resistant materials. 

Waterproof Abilities

While camping, it is important to have waterproof stuff for sudden rain. Read the instructions for waterproof lanterns. We know that there is a big difference between water-resistant, and waterproof. Make sure that you won’t stay in the dark if your lantern gets wet.


Everything you take to camp should be lighter enough for carrying purposes. The other thing is the light should not be light enough to fall in the wind. Have some light base that is magnet under it. Moreover, heavy light will make it difficult to carry to a long distance. 

Ease of Use

Controlling the light is important as it needs dimmer light to sleep at night. For reading purposes, you must need brighter light. Choose a suitable controlling system to operate. 


How many lumens do I need for a camping lantern?

A camping lantern should have a max light output from 1000 to 2000 lumens. It is fully dimmable for various lighting needs in the campsite.

Common tents are about 60 to 70 sq ft in size. 50 to 100 lumens is enough light for an average size 4-person tent.

How bright is a 1000 lumens lantern?

To determine how bright a 1000 lumen lantern is to convert lumens to watts. We know how bright a light bulb depends on its wattage. 15 Lumens = 1 Watt. A 1000 lumen lantern is slightly brighter than a 60 watt light bulb.

What is a good light for camping?

The brightness depends on the bulb. The best outdoor camping light is about 100 to 200 lumens per lantern. For a large area, maximize the lumen output or use more lanterns. Look for ones in between 200 and 400 lumens for larger groups.

How do you power lights when camping?

Get your power by gas generator, thermoelectric generator (TEG, pedal generator, 12-volt car battery, 12-volt portable battery, compact portable battery packs, solar power, wind or water Turbine. Choose what is appropriate for you and the environment. Carrying a heavy one is possible if you take a vehicle.


The best rechargeable camping lantern is designed for how you plan to use it. Buy a lantern that’s bright to illuminate the camping space & one that’s simple to use after a long day of hiking. For a backpacker, a lightweight lantern is ideal. An electric lantern should give several evenings of light without requiring a recharge.

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