8 Best Portable Camping Kitchen Table (Reviews 2022)

Having proper food preparation is a must for a successful outdoor party. Sufficient support like your own home kitchen will make the food delicious. The best portable camping kitchen table will help you all the way through your cooking process. 

Our Top Picks

Rank Product Key Features Price
#1 Camp Field Camping Table ▪ Compartment can be kept closed 
▪ Sufficient area
▪ Insect barrier
▪ High capacity
▪ Good sealing
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#2 Giantex Folding Camping Kitchen Table ▪ Three column design
▪ Aluminium windscreen
▪ Easy to clean
▪ Cook station for BBQ
▪ Unique design
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#3 The Lakeside Collection Portable Outdoor Camping Kitchen Table ▪ Aluminium frame
▪ Large storage capacity
▪ Two separate compartments
▪ Rectangular in shape
▪ Assembling is easy
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#4 GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen ▪ Unique design
▪ Has a carrying handle
▪ Attached sink
▪ A lantern pole
▪ Three side tables
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#5 GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen ▪ Heat resistant counter
▪ Multiple tables
▪ Folds flat for storage
▪ Carrying handle is available
▪ Lightweight
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#6 Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen ▪ Aluminium frame
▪ Utensil hook included
▪ Side stand fit stoves
▪ Compact carrying unit
▪ 6 kg in weight
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#7 Giantex Portable Camping Kitchen Table ▪ Light weight
▪ Carrying bag included
▪ Can be placed in multiple places
▪ Protective covers for preventing accident
▪ Two storage shelves
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#8 Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table ▪ Comes with carrying strap
▪ Easy to assemble
▪ Has steel windscreen for heavy wind
▪ Durable frame
▪ Spacious design
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How do I choose Portable Camping Kitchen Table?

Setup process

We need such a table that is easy to use. The process of setup should be easy. Our outdoor time should be for fun and hassle-free time. The setup of the table and all of its purposes should be good for our own sake. They should be set up within a few moments so we can spend some quality time in the wild. 


We buy tables so that they can serve us for many years. Buying the table every year is not a wise thing to do. Consider the heavy rain, high heat, humidity of the outdoors in need of handling. Therefore, consider having a good one so that it can go for a long day in difficult environments. 

Easy portation

If you decide to cook outside, then a portable kitchen table will help you in many ways. With other stuff on the checklist, include it on the top. The 

The table should have a compact design for carrying purposes. You may need to carry it for a long distance in the wilderness. Some manufacturers provide a carrying bag with it. 


Stability is one of the most important concerts as the objective of a portable table is to carry loads. The frame should be durable to hold all the weight we need. 

Easy cleanable

The construction materials should be such that it can be cleaned with a little effort. We can’t have sufficient water or cleaners for cleaning purposes. The table should provide sufficient coating over its metals and boards or plastics. 

The Best Portable Camping Kitchen Table

Camp Field Camping Table

Camp Field Camping Table has a large area for multi-purposes. Two parts of the table are joined together. Every part has a storage compartment below them. Each compartment can be kept closed from the front side.

In a closed position they are so tiny that it turns into the shape of a briefcase. They come in three sizes. 

The frames are made of Aluminium alloy. are strong enough to hold sufficient load. Joints are so made that they don’t bend in time. Very strong bearing capacity. Waterproof storage canvas is good enough for the rainy season. Use it for Sandy beach, Party, picnic, Camping and Courtyard.

Giantex Folding Camping Kitchen Table

Giantex Folding Camping Kitchen Table will give you the feeling like you are in your own kitchen. It comes with three different columns. Two of them have fabricated doors. The middle one can be used to keep fresh fruits. Strong enough to bear much weight for a couple of days’ food. 

Good enough to resist heat and scratching. Mid section is good for BBQ purposes. The lowered shelf is in x-shape. Large tabletop with removable windscreen. Round-edged design for your protection. The design is compact and the assembling process is very easy. It comes in a well-shaped bag. 

Lakeside Collection Portable Outdoor Kitchen Table

The Lakeside Collection Portable Outdoor Camping Kitchen Table is light in weight and can keep a lot of stuff over it. Metal stands are quite strong to hold it with kitchen accessories. Under the table there are 2 zippered storage sections with fabric-magic straps for closing the flaps.

The door system keeps bugs away from food. After finishing your meal, just keep them into the two compartments. The table is so made that it can be turned into a shape like a briefcase. You can set it up in just a few minutes. Close it down after the party is over. 

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen will make your trip memorable. The unique design is very slim and can be placed on the ground. The assembling process is easy and can be set up within a couple of minutes. It can fold in a flat position and comes with a carrying handle for transporting here and there. 

The quality design comes with 3 side tables, a soft-shell sink, a telescoping lantern pole, a lower rack for storage and an extended aluminum countertop. It can hold everything you’ll need for camping. Suitable for Grilling, Picnics, Outdoor parties, Tailgates and camping. 

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen is completely a portable system. It’s like you took your kitchen with you. It has a counter with large space. Camping stove or grill system can be adjustable.

Cookware and cooking utensils facilities are included. The powder-coated steel frame can be unfolded with a little effort. We can have a storage rack, countertop and four side tables. 

The aluminum countertop is heat resistant for keeping a stove that can handle about 20 kg loads. The lower rack can be used for dry foods and its capacity is 12kg. Four tables can hold paper towels, beverages, food and have hooks for grilling purposes. 

Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen has a frame made of Aluminium. The lantern holder helps with cooking at night and having meals. Utensil hook is handy to use.

The kitchen system is so made that the side stand fits most Coleman stoves and coolers for cooking any food. Keep it in a self-contained case with a handle for comfortable carrying purposes. 

Stands are made of Aluminium and top is made of modified wood. The base type is folding type. The total dimensions of the whole system are 31.5 x 11 x 4 inches. Use it in your garden, camping field and terrace. 

Giantex Portable Camping Kitchen Table

Giantex Portable Camping Kitchen Table has a large area and windscreen for keeping on the fire. It’s a complete cooking station. It fulfills all the essential needs and cooking purposes that people need. Good for backyard barbecues, an overnight hit outdoors, tailgating parties and picnic. 

The system is made of steel frame and oxford fabric. The total system can hold about 55 lbs. The corners have a protective cover for protection from being hit. PP sleeve prevents it from slipping at the time of cooking. The table has a storage bag for the gas canister.

A flexible conversion from water basin to cutting board can change your cooking experience. Two storage shelves are available for storing kitchen utensils.

Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table

Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table comes with a carrying bag for easy carrying purposes to any place. The assembling process is easy for amateurs. Cook any kind of food according to your own test and the system will support you.

It contains a workstation, locker and extension. Aluminum frame construction is suitable for any environment. 

The Aluminium pipe surface is stain-resistant and easy to clean. The fabric is made of PVC. Its lower organizer is good for storing condiments. The steel windscreen blocks the wind for keeping heat retention. Use it in parks, beaches, gardens and lawns according to your needs. 

Why do You Need a Kitchen Table for Camping

Camping tables are some special kinds of table that are foldable, lightweight and come with some extra features that will help you while camping. We really need them for a couple of important reasons. 

Helps to keep stuff

There are different sizes of kitchen tables available in the market. You can put important kitchen stuff on it. In this way, you can empty your backpack and arrange your cooking stuff according to your cooking requirement.

In addition, cooking accessories will smell different that may make an awkward smell into your tent. Keep the table out of your tent and that’s it. You are having a hygiene environment although you are not at home. 

Special arrangement for your cooking

It is difficult to find an appropriate place for cooking. Cooking near the ground could ruin the grass and the ecosystem of the place. You can’t use anything for placing your stove as it creates a lot of heat. In that case, you need to buy a table that can handle cooking heat. 

Eating food on it

It’s difficult for some people to have their meal on the ground. Especially for healthy people. Just arrange your plates and get some chairs. Besides, every tool you need for having your meal is on the table. 

Saving your food from insects & wild animals

Some tables have protective facilities like closed cabinets and pockets with zippers. Keep your food ingredients into the cabinet and other stuff in the pockets. In this way, insects will stay away from your food. Besides, animals can smell fools from far away. Enclosed cabinet will help you in this. Small animals like rabbits and mice won’t touch the food.

Takes a very little space

They take up a little space when packed into their default bag. You can take them far away as they are light in weight.

FAQ’s on Camp Kitchen Table

Do I need a camp kitchen?

It depends on how many people you got and how long you are going to stay there. A kitchen table will help you in many ways while camping. It will help to cook anything and store the usual stuff you need.

Can you cook under a tent?

It is a risky thing to cook under a tent. The smoke will stay in the tent. The fabric can be damaged with the extra heat that is produced while cooking. Careless cooking may burn the tent.

What do you need to cook while camping?

At the time of cooking, you need a suitable place to fire up your stove. You need some kind of protection to resist the strong wind that may put out the fire. A well-equipped portable table can help with all of these.


Different manufacturers serve different getups for their portable kitchen tables. These tables come with multi-purpose facilities. Carefully choose a portable camping kitchen table so that it can fulfill all your needs.

Decide wisely how much company you have and how long you are going to stay outside for making better decisions.

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