Best Places to Visit in Saltillo

12 Best Places to Visit in Saltillo

Saltillo has many places to enjoy the city and its facilities. You can find horseback rides and festivals like the San Isidro Labrador celebration in Arteaga. The celebration of the Chapel is celebrated every August with the typical dances of Matachines.

People who love hardcore sports of every age in every physical condition. The Natural Park of the Arteaga has an artificial surface that emulates snow.

Arteaga Sierra has multiple peaks and mountain chains that are ideal to climb over natural elevations. These places are adapted to provide a great experience.

Up & Down Saltillo

It is a very family-friendly place. It can be reserved for children’s parties. It has an entrance to the public apart. They put in a drywall and divided the place in two, dividing what is public and private.

They put nets inside so that they did not have access to what was left on the other side of the drywall. Excellent option for your children, service, cleanliness, prices, and great quality of food. It has games for all ages.

Teatro Hidalgo Restaurante

This is a restaurant with a traditional structure in the center of the city of Saltillo. Creates a pleasant atmosphere. You can have Mexican cuisine. The food is delicious. Good live shows such as theatrical plays, live music, among other varieties are shown here.

The atmosphere is pleasant to go with friends or family. A delicious dinner and at the same time watching a monologue or play is great and the more than excellent prices. 

Casa Verde

Well known for their Saturday markets. The eclectic bunch that sells 

selling soaps, honey, food, compost, cosmetics and so on. Vendors are very customer friendly. Great place to sit with friends and have a cup of tea.

Vegetarian foods are available. You can have workshops, cultural and entertainment events, yoga classes and more.

Galerías Saltillo

One of the places to eat and shop in Saltillo. It is a pleasant place to spend a walk too. Getting from the hotel to the galleries is very accessible. Excellent place to shop, many brands and inexpensive

There is a food court, several places to have coffee and a large parking lot. If your purpose is to take a relaxing walk, you may not find it here on weekends because it gets crowded. 

El Sarape de Saltillo

Saltillo is known for its tiles & sarapes. There is a nice small sarape museum a few streets away. Find a place to relax and speak with the locals about the city’s culture and art and help the local economy.

They also have folk art from all over Mexico. Come to this place if you want to see sarapes actually being made and get a bit of history.

Plaza Real Saltillo

It is a pleasant and comfortable square with enough parking and security. Lots of places to eat, many doll machines. On Saturday they have a children’s show. There is a cinema and you find what you are looking for.

The climate is pleasant and the square and clean bathrooms. It is full of color in its rooms, quite a few places with a variety of products and a spacious dining room with delicious food to choose from.

Museo de Los Presidentes Coahuilenses

The museum highlights figures that greatly encourage people from Coahuila to want to emulate their predecessors and the museography is very good and very complete. There are more throughout Mexico.

The tour is a very enjoyable tour where you can learn a lot about the history of Mexico and its Coahuilian presidents. The material that is on display is very good and some of them are relics. Neat and clean place and they are exceedingly kind. It is free, in truth the board of trustees has done a great job.

La Parroquia del Santo Cristo del Ojo de Agua

The Tlaxcalans discovered the Saltillo. Whether local or foreign, it is accessible to anyone who wants to know it. The church is a few steps up and is visited by parishioners, especially in September when it is the patronal feast.

It is an ancient and very beautiful church that can be reached through an arch and a staircase. On Good Friday,  the most traditional of the city’s living stations of the Cross takes place.

Museo del Sarape y Trajes Mexicanos

The place is known for it’s sarapes. The Sarape Museum represents the history of how it has both Spanish & indigenous roots. Also shows the presence of sarapes in popular culture.

It shows a well-curated display of sarapes that are a century old. The next case displays how Spanish and native styles were fused. The last group showcases traditional clothing from Coahuila.

A visit may take up to an hour which is free to the public. It is worth taking time to enjoy the expositions.

Alameda Zaragoza

Have a bench in the Alameda Zaragoza after exploring downtown. The ice cream over there is famous. There are playgrounds for kids to play. You can sit in the shade on the talavera-tiled benches beside the Frog Fountain.

Enjoy the tree carvings, statues and fountains. It is a favorite resting place for the monarch butterflies on their annual migration from Canada to Michoacan.

Catedral de Santiago de Saltillo

This is one of the places where you have to visit if you come to Saltillo. It’s attractive both inside & outside. It’s walking distance from local restaurants. This is a beautiful church with an altar and evening service for pilgrims.

It elaborates both for the main church and the side chapel. If you are able to take a tour of the bell tower, the view is fantastic.

Museo de las Aves

This is a great museum. The building was originally a convent, a nun’s school next to a beautiful church. All the information and data in the museum is in both English and Spanish languages.

New species are included that really look great. You can have a guided tour too. It helps to identify birds with tons of different information about the evolution of birds. There are some great interactive sections with bird songs.

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