best places to visit in Monterrey

10 Best Places to Visit in Monterrey, Mexico

You can count on having an excellent tour in Monterrey, Mexico. The large volume of mountains will help you to excite your eyes.

If you are adventurous, go for a hike with your friends and family. Museums will give you information about the ancient history of our ancestors. Many easy ways are available nowadays to visit a difficult place.

You can have a taxi or cable car to go up to a higher place. You need not to worry about starving as you will get different kinds of food in different restaurants. Hotels are all over the coolest places. 

The Best Places to Visit in Monterrey

Parque Ecológico Chipinque

Parque Ecológico Chipinque
Parque Ecológico Chipinque
  • Chipinque is a mountain located in San Pedro.
  • At the top there is a hotel, a restaurant, a couple of concrete slides, a lookout, snack and refreshments store, restrooms, several trees, parking lot, a playing ground for kids, some benches and some walking trails.
  • A very traditional place for more than 20 years in the city for a morning walk.
  • Special for those who like hiking.
  • Arrive by car, bicycle or walking.

Grutas de Garcia

  • There are two ways to go to the top of the mountain, through a cable car or hiking.
  • The cable car takes up in about 2 mins which is high, all the way to the top of the mountain.
  • Entrance to the cave is filled with food vendors.
  • At one place they have a Christian shrine inside.
  • Inside its gorgeous work of art by nature and an amazing place to see the nature action over the years into the caves.

Paseo de Santa Lucía

Paseo de Santa Lucía
Paseo de Santa Lucía
  • A long river cruise on a man made river with narration.
  • The Mexican History Museum is right next to the boat ride.
  • You need to buy tickets to ride the boat at a small ticket office &then walk down to the jetty with your tickets.
  • The whole area is historic with a huge plaza around the Governor’s Palace.
  • The area around the palace is judicial with lots of businesses, law offices and restaurants.

Parque Fundidora

Parque Fundidora
Parque Fundidora
  • It is a beautiful and immensely large park.
  • Bike rental available to cover in and around the park.
  • Playgrounds, boats, fountains, games makes this place perfect for an all day family place to gather.
  • There are lots of activities available for all ages and on a hot day, plenty of trees provide shade.
  • Having a boat tour, visiting the steel museum and a tour of the city is possible.

Bioparque Estrella

Bioparque Estrella
Bioparque Estrella
  • The park houses a lot of exotic animals.
  • A safari bus ride that takes you through the park.
  • Most of the animal pens are small but the animals do look well taken care of.
  • Lots of opportunities for snacks and souvenirs.
  • Buy enough food to feed all the animals during the safari.
  • The crocodiles show and the birds and hike up to a beautiful waterfall are nice to witness.

Parque la Huasteca

  • Filled with limestone mountains, many of which are long, thin and high, running in parallel lines like giant knife blades.
  • It is actually the beginning of the Sierra Madre Oriental, which extends south for 1000 kilometers.
  • You can climb, you can hike, you can ride a horse, eat a delicious elote.
  • No pictures can show the true beauty of Huasteca Park.
  • Very high cliffs can be seen from the river bed with some perches here and there.

Museo del Acero Horno 3

Museo del Acero Horno 3
Museo del Acero Horno 3
  • Very interesting old foundry museum with a great story and helpful people.
  • This was a great smelter that employed a lot of people in the town and was a sought after place to work.
  • Walk through a lot of historical vignettes and through most of the old foundry itself including the acero.
  • There is a restaurant and cafe in the museum as well as others scattered throughout the park.
  • It explains the process of mining and smelting and all that.

Parque Natural La Estanzuela

Parque Natural La Estanzuela
Parque Natural La Estanzuela
  • This place is about 20 minutes from Tec de Monterrey.
  • A fantastic escape from urban life just 20-30 minutes away from downtown Monterrey.
  • To get in, you need to pay the park fee from an official app and they will not take cash.
  • You can hike in the mountains, swim in a river or spend time in the entrance park.
  • There are some beautiful small waterfalls of very clear water and some coatis which is a type of raccoon and it thrives in this park.

Gran Plaza o Macroplaza

Gran Plaza o Macroplaza
Gran Plaza o Macroplaza
  • The Mexican History museum, the original foundry that established Monterrey and a boat ride with commentary but all in Spanish.
  • Great mixing place with the fun loving people of Monterrey, lovely to be there around sunset.
  • The huge plaza is part of the Governor’s palace and the surrounding area is businesses and restaurants.
  • Truly high quality architecture, modern and traditional.
  • Monterrey has a river walk similar to San Antonio Tx.

Cerro de la Silla

Cerro de la Silla
Cerro de la Silla
  • It is a steep incline to walk up where people run along the path.
  • The climb has two almost equal halves which are basically at a 45 degree angle the whole time.
  • Takes about 1 hour to reach the viewing point.
  • Wear suitable clothing & footwear & take plenty of water etc.
  • Park on streets nearby the entrance so it can be difficult finding somewhere to park.

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