Best Places to Visit in La Paz

10 Best Places to Visit in La Paz, Mexico

La Paz, Mexico is an exotic place where nature and man made placements are available from side to side. It is a place with the combination of mountains, sea, plain lands and cities. With the long roads, you can go through for a long cycle riding.

At the sea, you can watch the sunsets with beautiful colors. Diving with sea lions is possible in some places. Museums are available to enhance our knowledge. Kite bounding is possible in beaches with special training.

Walking alongside with locals across the sea is amazing to learn about different cultures. Just contact first to have all the benefits for a particular place. 

Best Places to Visit in La Paz

La Ventana

La Ventana
La Ventana
  • The location of the place is only one hour from La Paz by driving. 
  • An excellent sea beach to have fun all day.
  • Renting equipment is possible here. 
  • Surf all the way to the sea beach. 
  • If you are a kite flier, then the place would be a suitable place.
  •  Price varies for different packages over there. For adrenaline rush, there is kiteboarding.
  • Training before kiteboarding is possible at La Paz best places to visit.
  • A Variety of watersports are available for having fun. 

Sierra Laguna Mountains

Sierra Laguna Mountains
Sierra Laguna Mountains
  • Hikes in the Sierra Laguna Mountains are always fun. 
  • The place is near the town of Santiago, the best place to go in La Paz.
  • A home to unique hiking opportunities.
  • This includes waterfalls and hot springs.
  • All the beaches and deserts are one of the attractions of the place.
  • All the mountains are good for hiking all day. 
  • Many adventurous things to do in the Sierra Laguna Mountains.
  • You can book a guide or tour company to find your way to the swimming pools.
  • With an expert guide, you can have fun all day. One of the best places to visit La Paz.

Sea of Cortez

Sea of Cortez maxico
Sea of Cortez maxico
  • The place is well known for scuba diving and La Paz’s top attractions.
  • Visibility is best from May to October every year.
  • Find  healthy reefs, dolphins, shipwrecks, sea lions and much much more.
  • You can enroll in a PADI class and start exploring the marine world for scuba diving.
  • Many of the best diving in Mexico can be found here in the Baja.
  • The Sea of Cortez offers stunning diving opportunities.
  • Besides playing, it is always nice to watch people having fun on the beach.

Espíritu Santo Island

Espíritu Santo Island
Espíritu Santo Island
  • Sailing is one of the best things to do in La Paz.
  • It is home to a rich and varied marine life.
  • Find parrotfish, Moorish idols, sharks, rainbow wrasse, rays, turtles over there.
  • Activities like swimming with whale sharks, whale watching and snorkelling with sea lions can be done here.
  • You can kayak around the island, the volcanic rock formations and chill on the remote beaches. 
  • Boats can be lent over there.
  • This area is a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

Los Islotes

Los Islotes
Los Islotes
  • In San Rafaelito or Los Islotes are the places to visit in La Paz city where you can swim with sea lions.
  • A group of 250 sea lions live there.
  • A combo tour including a trip to Espíritu Santo Island and the Sea Lions is possible.
  • If you are not fond of swimming with sea lions, then you can lay down on the beautiful beach.
  • To protect the site’s ecosystem, there are regulations that limit the number of visitors.

Magdalena Bay

Magdalena Bay maxico
Magdalena Bay maxico
  • For whale watchers, this would be the best place to have fun.
  • Gray Whales come here to have the warm water of Magdalena Bay.
  • Is an ideal place for whales to give birth.
  • Other whales migrate to the Gulf of California throughout the year.
  • If you are lucky, then you can watch the blue whale, which is the biggest animal in the World.
  • You can watch other beauties of the sea too.

Biking in La Paz

Biking in La Paz
Biking in La Paz
  • Biking tracks are famous places in La Paz
  • The outer round and inner part of La Paz have so many bike riding roads to offer the visitors.
  • Enjoy the natural beauties and mountains while riding.
  • Get your own bike or rent it from the local. They are convenient.
  • Ride through the coastal or mountain trails of Baja California for a day of mountain biking.
  • Have fun with the ocean views & stopping at the waterfront restaurants for a break. 


  • Ride along the sea beach while riding with a bike.
  • waterfront Malecón is 5-km long.
  • Among the most beautiful places in La Paz, is Pretty much liked by the locals. 
  • Visitors are also welcomed here. 
  • People come here to witness the beautiful view of the sunset.
  • Families and couples walk here daily.
  • The joggers enjoy their run along the shore.
  • The yellow & orange rays illuminating the sky above the marina looks amazing.

The Whale Museum

he Whale Museum
he Whale Museum
  • Visiting the whale museum is one of the must do things in La Paz.
  • It is one of the must see places in La Paz.
  • The Museo de la Ballena, is to the corner of Corner Calle Obregón.
  • The big whale skeleton is exhibited in front of the building.
  • It provides extensive information on porpoises, whales & dolphins.
  • Varieties of species are over there to enhance your knowledge.
  • Hotels are available in case you are staying for more information.

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