Best Places to Visit in Hermosillo

14 Best Places to Visit in Hermosillo

Hermosillo is located in the northwest of Mexico. It is a progressive place that enchants travelers with its tourist attractions. Hermosillo helps to combine the cultural richness of its lands, providing a picturesque space of old history in each corner. Historical centers tell their story Preserving with pride and remembering the ancient events.

Each building has something to teach you. One of the activities that you can do in Hermosillo is hiking. Wear comfortable clothes because climbing it requires a bit of effort. 

Temazcalli Natural Spa

The facilities are very nice, both inside and outside. You can have fun and take away all the stress acquired during the trip. It has a reasonable cost.

The location is in a suitable place. 


Lantienda is on the second floor of the plaza. They have very nice things to offer to the visitor. I left with a couple of beaded bracelets that are made by very accessible kikapu women. There are so many uncommon things to offer that are very nice. 

Wood Park

Wood Park is one of the many little green places we have in the city. The place is nice during the day for the family.

There are a lot of homeless persons there during the evening and overnight. It has been in the city since 1878. It is nice to walk with family but this place needs more security. Parque Madero in the evening can suggest dancing fountains which start at 7 pm and repeat every hour. 

It is worth the effort to spend time in this gem. The accompanying photo is typical of the expressive colors. The gift shops are authentically made that are reasonably priced souvenirs. You might be a little disappointed if you have visited the Yaqui and Mayo Indian tribes of the region.

After learning about them you will enjoy learning about the local Indian tribes. There are some cards in Spanish that can explain what the pictures are all about.

Nearby in the Bicentennial Plaza there is an amazing store on the second floor where you can buy beautiful handmade products from the native people.

Expo Forum Hermosillo

The place is spacious and has parking. Relatively far from the center, ample for exhibitions on one floor access is somewhat inconvenient although the parking lot has a good capacity. It is a good place for public events but inside it is very spacious, with poor acoustics.

In general a comfortable place for massive events. Excellent place for national events, clean, with air conditioning, spacious, fresh facilities, good lighting, large parking lot and vesplanada, with long corridors and dry gardens, surveillance and attention.

Cerrito de la Virgen

This is a nice place to go see, relaxing, tranquil. It will raise your interest if you understand the Mexican story about the miracle of the virgin, Guadalupe. The virgin Guadalupe is a big part of Mexican culture and a testament to the impact on Mexican culture.

You need to take stairs and walk for a while as it is situated on the mountain. People come here to thank for all the miracles.

Sonora Government Palace

If you go to the Cathedral, the Palacio de Gobierno is across the street. Watch the wall painted by famous sonora painters specially go to the second floor and look around. Quite a contrast to the regional and rural government buildings.

The murals here represent different periods of Sonoran history and its many cultures. Murals cover every wall surrounding the courtyard. Words cannot fully describe the beauty and intensity of the scenes.

Sonora Children’s Playground

The facilities here are spacious and cheap. It has normal rides, nothing extraordinary. In summer you have to go as soon as the Sun goes down otherwise the games are very hot.

They have good areas to make piñatas. In the end the children will have fun. The little train is highly recommended. An excellent weekend for the kids. You cannot enter with food or drink. 

Muses Museum of Art of Sonora

This is a nice museum of contemporary art for the north of Senora that is worth going and looking at the great art work. The exhibit is well organized and the museum is not that crowded so you can enjoy and spend a lot of time on everything that caught our attention.

The staff are friendly. Gallery spaces are wonderful and the artwork is well exhibited. Contemporary art in Mexico is way ahead of that found even in Europe so the show was curated with excellence.

Bicentennial Square

It is constructed to commemorate 2010’s on the anniversary of Mexican Independence. The entrance of the building has a large bronze sculpture and it features an angel. Visit to spend some time learning more about the nation’s history and cultures. They take credit cards.

The prices are very reasonable. The stunning Cathedral of the Assumption rises high above the park. The central building is interesting with a large but elegant sculpture. 

Ecological Center of Sonora

A good zoo with signs on a lot of the plants stating the name. There are many animals from all over the World. Walking without animals is also beautiful.

Many of the animals have decent habitats. It is easy to follow the signs to know which way to go. There are benches to rest and lots of shade. There are a couple of vending machines in the zoo.

Galerias Mall

It is a simple mall. There are a couple of restaurants available. Good selection of stores, a movie theatre that serves dinner and drinks, a bookstore with an extensive selection in English and Spanish, kids places, boutiques and restaurants. The food court is ok. It has everything you might want. Some local handicrafts but limited selection.

 El Bachoco Hill

It is great to walk or hike up the mountain. See mice, cacti and the surrounding sights that are nice. The trail to the base of Cerro El Bachoco is a walk through the desert. You can see lots of birds and plants. On the top, the 360 degree view is incredible and worth the climb up.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Hermosillo

Architecturally this is a photographer’s paradise. Outside is stunning at night with the bell towers lit. Do not miss the stunning gazebo in the park that is actually called the Cathedral of the Assumption while visiting the Hermosillo Cathedral.

The municipal building, filled with exceptional murals, are both nearby.  The Lutisuc Gallery sells high quality indigenous art. You can sit outside of the Cathedral’s benches, relax and see a typical Hermosillo lifestyle, pigeons, kids playing around and relaxing.

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