Best Place to Visit Culiacán

The most popular Culiacán, Mexico tourist attraction is the Jardin Botanico Culiacan, Estadio Tomateros, Parque de la Riberas, Plaza Paseo San Isidro, Zoologico Culiacan etc.

Altata Malecón Phantom

Altata Malecón Phantom
Altata Malecón Phantom

Altata, cueo meaning in the etiology cahíta can be interpreted as the abundance of agua, is a painter dedicated to the extraction of camaraderie and osteoporosis.

This paradisiaco is destined to meet in an extreme of the Altata Sea. It is located about 60 kilometers from Culiacán, the capital of the state, on the Pacific Ocean front.

Altata is an area of ​​natural proteins where possible admirals of large manglares, enormous palm trees, apricible lirios, sorprendente arrecifes and a singular variation of natural fauna.

Altata has been converted into one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico, Actually, there is a modernization of the northern part of this region, called Nuevo Altata, which includes an important development center of the plastics of the playa in the region. The orchards of Altata were removed from the decadence. 

Los Secretos De Las Tiendas Coppel

Los Secretos De Las Tiendas Coppel
Los Secretos De Las Tiendas Coppel

Coppel is a commercial chain of department stores with a presence in Central and South American territory. With more than 75 years selling popular consumer products, it is one of the 50 fastest growing retail companies worldwide.

Currently the stores are called coppel. However, originally the stores had another name. You will learn the secrets, and curiosities in which this international chain of stores was involved. Many individual items and some unique stuff are available over there.

You can buy many thighs as a souvenir. This will make your whole journey a memorable one. The staff are friendly and eager to help. Having delicious food to have the fullest enjoyment. 

Estadio Tomateros de Culiacán

Estadio Tomateros de Culiacán is a stadium in Culiacán, Mexico. People from all over the world visit the place to enjoy different kinds of games. It is home to the Tomateros de Culiacán of the Mexican Pacific League and many other super games.

The stadium replaced Estadio General Ángel Flores as home of Tomateros. It has also hosted the 2017 Caribbean Series which was famous for that era. On July 17, 2013, it was announced as the construction for a new baseball stadium in Culiacán. It is the new home of Tomateros de Culiacán.

The stadium has a capacity of 20,000 and has several amenities for the fans including a high definition video display which measures approximately 36 feet high by 108 feet wide that is the largest video display in Latin America.

Milow Bowl & Fun

The facility is nice. The 1st 4 lanes they have are cheap. that look different from the rest of the bowling lanes which are from AMF. They have a large area of pool tables and ping pong that are nice. Decent bar area and food options are available.

The redemption area of gaming is quite small and out of the 25 options of video games or redemption games 6 were way too high of a percentage. The prices on the games are very high for Mexico.

Similar to what you would pay at a premium Family Entertainment Center in the. The lane conditions are at best. They don’t know what a pattern is here at all. Don’t come and expect to really bowl well as the oil is on the lanes only to protect the surface. The staff are friendly.

Get some decent rental shoes, and have the same lane surface across the house, better yet. This place has potential, but it has the potential to go to the bad side if they let the maintenance slip anymore.

Cinépolis VIP Culiacán

Cinépolis VIP Culiacán
Cinépolis VIP Culiacán

The rooms are adequate and comfortable. There is service and careful attention from young people who attend to the à la carte requests that they make from the seats.

The sushi, in its various presentations, is delicious and the good thing is that the kids are not cautious and do not get in the way to comfortably watch the movies. Ideal space for those who like cinema. Various options and budgets.

They have very good service in both general and VIP rooms. They are also always well kept and clean. It makes you feel the difference from being in a regular room to this highly recommended if you go as a couple.

Its large armchairs and quick attention from the vendors make it a unique experience. Their tree foods are very rich and accessible. Very attentive staff and very clean, air conditioning freezes. 



This place in Culiacán is one of the favorites one among visitors. The food is very good. It has a very good touch in the seasoning, especially the barbecue ribs. There is billiards, jengas and tables in case you just want to sit down talking.

If you are a person who likes baseball, you will like it a lot. The prices are reasonable in general. If you go to the pool, people usually go, let’s say 20 and under and mostly men. You are going to take women.

Highly recommended to have a good time and live with the whole family, since there is a suitable menu for the whole family and activities too, they have giant jenga, billiards and batting cages.

In addition, some screens to see all sporting events. A very original concept. Have fun during lunch or dinner training baseball. Here you can meet your friends, practice your swing in the batting cage. 

Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa

Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa
Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa

It is an interactive museum of sciences such as physics, chemistry, natural sciences, astronomy, and engineering, among others. In this place, you will find artifacts, videos and images related to these topics whose objective is to transmit knowledge in an interesting and fun way.

Well, the purpose of the place would be fulfilled if it weren’t for having artifacts from 25 years ago, some of them obsolete. Its facilities are dark and dilapidated. The staff that works on the site are young teenagers who are far from being scientists or trained personnel to give you a tour of the level of a science center.

It also has a projection room called a planetarium that meets the basics but, like the rest of the facilities, is very old. However, not everything is negative, its main attraction is one of the largest meteorites in the world which is located on the esplanade of the place.

Another point to highlight are the efforts made by the administration of the science center to promote and organize astronomical observation and study events.

Zoologico Culiacan

Zoologico Culiacan

It has animals from all over the world, for example, lions, giraffes, parrots, and colorful fishes. Have a tour with an expert, so you can better understand the lifestyle of these amazing animals. It has many activities for all ages.

For the little ones, there are recreational courses where they can learn about the animals and have fun at the same time of travel. Going with your family is also a great option for fun. The zoo has washrooms, a good gift shop where you can buy souvenirs like caps, teddies, t-shirts etc.

There is a good food zone where you can eat with family and friends along with an exciting tour around the zoo. The workers of this place give lots of love to the animals. They take care of them, feed them and they even name them.

If you want to have an excellent experience in Culiacan, you have to go to the zoo. The tour begins by visiting the birds, which are in a large cage that you can enter without a problem.

Inside there the birds can fly around you as if they were in their natural hábitat. Soon there is the feline area, where you will find the most impressive species found in Africa and other parts of the world. 

Parque de la Riberas

Parque de la Riberas
Parque de la Riberas

It is like a carnival type of environment. Good for running on mornings or nights and great to spend an afternoon with the family. There are a lot of snack vendors at night on the weekends.

You can rent a bike for the whole family and ride alongside the river. It is not a very long distance but the view is really nice and there’s lots of green spaces and trees to lay down and enjoy.

You can have a family picnic or play a sport with your kids. Sometimes there are shows on display for free like open theater and live music. It gets you away from the hustle and bustle of the city quite nicely. 

Jardin Botanico Culiacan

The Botanical Garden is an amazing place, natural, beautiful and full of culture. It is a place where you can relax and get away from stress every day. They always make events every week and every event is different, sometimes there are movies, sometimes a picnic and sometimes concerts.

It’s a perfect place where you can go with your couple and spend some time with them. The idea of the decoration is a combination of modern and natural. There are lightbulbs hanging in the trees and the table decoration is really beautiful like it is a fairytale.

Carlos Murrillo Depraect had an incredible collection of plants and was the engineer of the construction of the botanical garden. It has a big collection of art.

The garden looks like a labyrinth. People can feel so pure and loose as a lot of nature makes the air feel more clean. If you ever come to Culiacan, you definitely have to visit the Botanical Garden.

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