6 Best Oversize Outdoor Privacy Tent (2022 Reviews)

Oversize outdoor privacy tent is such a tent that is larger than average ones. The outdoor privacy tent will help you in many ways by giving privacy, dress changing, shower, toilet on the beach, or outdoor camping.

Using the outdoor shower tent All kinds of requirements like giving comfort, protection, shelter, privacy and storing stuff can be available here. You can’t get all the facilities that you have in your own house but you can get enough facilities as you need in outdoor camping.  

The Best Oversize Outdoor Privacy Tent

Your Choice Pop Up Privacy Tent

Your Choice Pop Up Privacy Tent

This is equipped with proper ventilation and has 2 zipper windows. You can close the windows if you want. For sunlight, ventilation and shower there is a rooftop window with zippers. 2 storage bags, 2 straps and 2 towel straps are included. 8 stakes and supporting ropes are attached for stability. 

KingCamp Shower Privacy Shelter

KingCamp oversize outdoor privacy tent

The product has a double hook on top with large support, The hanging water bag can hold 15 kg water. An inner rope is attached for hanging purposes. You can put a towel and change clothes overthere. To keep clothes and towel dry, 1 pocket with 2 compartments. Top & side screens are three-dimensional circulations.

Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent

Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent

The Utility pop-up tent is easy-to-assemble that will help wherever you go. Use it on the beach, fishing, swimming trips, clothing sales, hiking. The easy to use carrying bag helps you take it from place to place.

Compact & lightweight that takes up little space. Sufficient standing room for adults. Good for any kind of weather. 

WolfWise Shower Dress Changing and Toilet Tent

Shower Dress Changing Room and Toilet Tent

Water on this waterproof mat can easily be drained out from the tent from the bottom part to keep it clean. Top window holds a water bag, increases air flow, and can be used as a window that comes with a zipper. There is a silver coating layer inside that can give you UPF 50+ protection.

G4Free Dressing Changing Tent and Camp Toilet

Dressing Changing Tent and Camp Toilet

Use it as a Beach Changing Clothes Tent, Camping Shower Tent, Camp Toilet Tent, Fishing Shelter Tents and so on. Top hook helps to hang the water bag. The top water pipe entrance for bringing in water outside.

Three colors are available in the market. Double-layer pockets keep belongings like keys, wallet, cellphone, shampoo etc. 

Lightspeed Toilet, Camp Shower, Portable Changing Room

best oversize outdoor privacy tent

The tent won’t be blown away by a light wind that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Polyester material with 800mm PU coating is used for rain resistance & durable PE floor. It comes with an oversize carry bag to make it easier when packing the privacy tent.

FAQ’s on Oversize Privacy Tent

When do you need an oversize privacy tent?

We need an oversize privacy tent to have the maximum benefit out of it. A larger tent can handle a lot of water over it. Compared to other general tents, oversized tents are built with proper materials.

Why do you need an extra tall privacy tent?

We need an extra tall privacy tent to accommodate taller people. This is good for showering purposes. We can have maximum privacy from passersby. Tall tent means tall poles. Strong tall poles will keep the tent strong and last long.

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